CNBC Host Gets Caught on Hot-Mic Calling Dem’s Argument a ‘Crock of S—’

“What a crock of shit.”

On a Wednesday segment of CNBC’s Squawk Box, guest host Sam Zell was caught on a hot-mic calling Rep. Gregory Meeks’ talkings points a “crock of shit”.

Meeks, a Democrat from New York, is leading an effort to get tech giant Amazon to reconsider building its new headquarters in New York City.

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“I think it’s a sad day for New York,” Meeks said of Amazon pulling out of New York in February. “This was a long-term investment in the city.”

During his appearance on Squawk Box, Meeks said any deal with Amazon would have to benefit minorities and women. “I do believe we got to be inclusive in any deals, though,” he said.

The billionaire investor initially signaled his agreement with the Democratic congressman. “Same here,” he said, agreeing with Meeks’ sentiments.

But Zell, who was unaware that the program had yet to cut to a commercial, soon let loose with his true feelings about Meeks’ argument.

“What a crock of shit,” he said.

Co-host Melissa Lee tried to power through the rest of the segment. “Squawk Box, where anything can happen,” she said as the show went to commercial.

Shortly thereafter, Meeks took to Twitter to express his outrage.

“Sam Zell should explain what about minority inclusion in economic development is a crock of shit,” he said.

Thanks to a deal that included billions in tax breaks, Amazon looked sure to pick New York City as the landing spot for its much-hyped second headquarters. But pressure from progressives, notably Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, helped push Amazon to pull out of the deal last month.

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