Dem Rep Has Melt Down at Gun Control Town Hall – Screams at Her Own Pro-Gun Constituents

A town hall on gun control, held on Tuesday night at a Michigan firing range, devolved into a shouting match, with a U.S. congresswoman screaming at her constituents.

Rep. Haley Stevens, a Democrat who represents Michigan’s 11th congressional district, is seen in footage of the event obtained by Fox 2 shouting at the many pro-gun advocates that showed up.

“This is why the NRA has got to go,” Stevens said. “The NRA has got to go!”

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Stevens was at the range, alongside Michigan House Democratic Leader Christine Greig of Farmington Hills and Democratic State Rep. Robert Wittenberg of Huntington Woods, to speak on various measures aimed at addressing gun violence.

But throughout the nearly hour-long conversation, proposals presented by the Democratic pro-gun control lawmakers – red flag laws, universal background checks and a ban on semi-automatic rifles – faced stiff resistance from gun rights advocates.

Many attendees, some of whom held up signs in support of President Donald Trump and carried holstered firearms, booed the Democrats.

At one point, Stevens attempted to answer a question about “assault weapons.”

She was shouted down by a man who said: “That’s a media made-up term.”

“We needed to show up here and tell Haley Stevens exactly what we think about her gun violence town hall”

The town hall was held at the Multi Lakes Conservation Association in Commerce Charter Township and hosted in part by Fems for Dems, a political action committee whose stated mission is to elect progressive candidates.

Many of the members of the association are gun owners.

GOP 11th Congressional District Chair Meshawn Maddock said that Fems for Dems misrepresented itself when booking the venue.

“Somehow Fems for Dems booked this event using a different name,” Maddock told Fox 2. “The sweet woman that I talked to said that it said Fems of Life in her calendar.”

In a statement issued earlier Tuesday, Maddock told the event’s organizers that they had “a lot of nerve holding an anti-gun rally in the heart of gun-country.”

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She also vowed to rally voters to show organizers that their stance on the Second Amendment is not a popular one in the 11th district.

In the estimated crowd of 200 people, gun rights advocates showed up in droves, according to The Detroit News.

“We needed to show up here and tell Haley Stevens exactly what we think about her gun violence town hall being held in a very Republican – this is a Republican stronghold,” Maddock told Fox 2.

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