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Greta Thunberg Rally Ends Up ‘Destroying’ Green Space in England: ‘Oh the Irony’

A Greta Thunberg climate change rally resulted in damage to green space in Bristol, England.

Thunberg spoke Friday at the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate rally, the BBC reported.

Several thousand people attended the event in the southwestern English city of Bristol to see Thunberg, the teenage activist who has reprimanded governments across the world over climate change and environmental issues.

Hundreds were outraged at the muddy mess left in the aftermath of the event and called on organizers to cover the costs for repairs.

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A GoFundMe campaign set up in the wake of the rally aimed to raise £20,000.

“Oh the irony, hundreds of people turning up to talk about our planet dying end up destroying a green area,” said one social media commenter quoted by the BBC.

On the other hand, some of Thunberg’s supporters were outraged at the British news outlet for covering the backlash.

Greta Thunberg addresses Bristol on climate change

Known simply as Greta, 17-year-old Thunberg has captured the imagination of many young people with impassioned demands for world leaders to take urgent action.

“I will not be silenced while the world is on fire – will you?” said Thunberg on Friday.

“This emergency is being completely ignored by the politicians, the media and those in power. Basically nothing is being done … despite all the beautiful words.”

Supporters held placards reading: “Change the politics not the climate,” “The ocean is rising so are we!” and “At this point education is pointless.”

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After she finished speaking, Thunberg led a march through central Bristol. Local police estimated that turnout was over 20,000 people.

(Reuters contributed to this report.)

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