Video of Illegal Immigrants Flooding DMV Offices for Driver’s Licenses Goes Viral

Videos of undocumented immigrants in New York lining up in droves are being widely disseminated on social media, following the state’s passage of a “Green Light” law.

The law, which went into effect over the weekend, permits anyone 16-years or older to obtain a driver’s license without providing proof of citizenship, The New York Times reported.

Applicants must provide documents showing date of birth, proof of residency in New York and their names.

They are not, however, required to provide a Social Security number.

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New York will now accept foreign passports, permanent resident cards and foreign driver’s licenses in lieu of a Social Security number.

Undocumented immigrants flooding Department of Motor Vehicles offices on Monday, the New York Daily News reported.

“I thank God for his help today,” said one Colombia native interviewed by the Daily News. “You can take your kids to school. You can drive to work. You can keep your family more relaxed.”

“Many people here drive without a license. That’s wrong,” he added.
According to the Daily News, one DMV office in Brooklyn received so many applicants, it started turning dozens away.
A series of videos shared to social media reflected the reports.

One video posted by The Hill racked up more than 1.2 million views after being uploaded to Twitter on Monday:

Many commenters criticized the new law, characterizing the measure as unfair to American citizens.

“Im confused. As an American citizen I had to show id up the wazoo to get my license,” said one commenter.

“What crap. I just had to get an official copy of my birth certificate, and proof of residency, citizenship, and six points of identification for my CDL when I already have an enhanced license. How do they get one! Now do they get to vote too! Ugh,” tweeted another user.

New York’s “Green light” law, passed earlier this year, faced several legal challenges and has been criticized by the Department of Justice.

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New York is the 13th state to enact such a measure.

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