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Millionaire Outrages Instagram With Video of Him Slapping Butts of Smiling Models 

An Italian multimillionaire shared a video of him slapping the butts of a line of bikini-clad models on his private yacht, and feminists reacted with outrage. 

Gianluca Vacchi posted the clip Wednesday to Instagram, where it has been viewed nearly 5 million times. Vacchi is a wealthy entrepreneur and financier who regularly treats his 13 million followers to glimpses of his luxurious lifestyle.

In the latest video, the heavily tattooed 52-year-old dances in a bathing suit on the deck of his private ship while Latin music plays over the speakers. The four models line up with their butts in the air so that Vacchi can play the drums on them. After he finishes, they perform a series of choreographed moves with Vacchi before he plunges into the water.

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Many instagram users took a feminist stance against Vacchi’s display, deeming it misogynistic.

“You pay no respect,” said one commenter.

“Your money cannot buy the respect and education that you have no idea what it means, enjoying life putting women down it’s simply disgusting,” said another.

“It is really degrading and hurtful that there are people like this and women who present themselves as pieces of meat,” someone else complained.

However, other Instagram users were impressed.

“U r always enjoying life!” one person said.

A number of commenters said they wanted to join in.

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“Please invite me next time ❤️,” said Instagram model Gabriela Castrovinci.

In response to his critics, Vacchi said: “I respect them a lot; learn to joke if you wanna respect life.”

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