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Getting Help for a Car Crash Injury: 5 Reasons to Seek Out Treatment Right Away

Your car injuries may start to set in a day after the accident. Maybe not. It doesn’t mean that you have not suffered an injury!

Our bodies often have a delayed reaction to a car crash injury, and only a medical professional has the knowledge, tools, and equipment to fully check you out. 

So don’t delay, read on to learn 5 reasons why you should seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

Your Injuries May Not Show up Right Away

Car accidents exert a great deal of force on anyone inside of the vehicles. It happens so fast that you may not even realize that you’ve hit your head or any other part of your body. You could also be suffering from internal organ damage, which is not as easily detected as injuries to our skin, bones, or muscles. 

It may take days or weeks or even months for your injuries to appear. Swelling won’t be immediate, and only after your body responds to the impact will you be able to feel any injuries. 

Endorphins Hide Pain

A car crash is an exciting and traumatic event. During such events, our bodies release adrenaline and endorphins in order to keep us calm and protect us. It’s the fight or flight response.

This release of endorphins masks the pain and makes it difficult to properly assess injuries, even serious ones until the endorphins have worn off.

Avoid Statute of Limitations

In some states, there is a statute of limitation set which limits the amount of time you can claim an injury.

If the statute of limitations is two years, then any claim made after two years will be invalid and you will not be eligible for insurance coverage, even if your injuries are in fact from your car accident. Get assessed by a medical professional immediately after your car accident to avoid this.  

The Other Party May Be Held Liable

If you seek medical attention immediately, you will surely acquire medical expenses. These can be outrageously expensive, and your insurance provider is only willing to cover so much.

Seeking medical attention immediately will help in your case in seeking remuneration from any liable party or insurance company. It’s a good idea to cover your bases. 

Seek a Lawyer 

That leads to our next point; find a lawyer. A good lawyer will help you navigate the confusing and somewhat cutthroat world of dealing with insurance companies. A successful lawyer will be able to secure enough money from the insurance company in order to pay all of your medical bills going forward. This is best done if you seek medical attention right away and do not wait.

This way, the other lawyer cannot say that your injuries happened due to an event after the time of your car accident. 

Don’t Hesitate After a Car Crash Injury

We know this is a tough time mentally and physically, and the last thing you want to do is deal with insurance companies and lawyers. But seek medical attention right away if you’re a victim of a car crash injury.

Help from a lawyer will ensure you can recover the maximum amount for the losses you’ve suffered. 

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