Sexual Violence

Forms of Sexual Violence

Sexual violence encompasses climes associated with sexual assault and sexual abuse. Sex offenses are known to be punished quite severely to the perpetrators. Harsh penalties, huge fines, long term jail convictions are just some of what offenders may go through. Sex crime Vary in ways in which the perpetrator harms the victim. These sex-related crimes include;

Sexual assault

This refers to sexual behavior or contact that takes place without the consent of the victim. Forms of sexual assault may entail attempted rape, unwanted sexual touching, fondling, penetration of the victim’s body, and forcing a victim to perform sexual acts like oral sex. Sexual assault may not typically entail physical pressure but also emotional coercion, intimidation threats, manipulation, and psychological force. Perpetrators may perform sexual assault in different ways, such as;

  • Blitz sexual assault: Encompasses when a perpetrator brutally and quickly commits assault to the victim with no prior contact.
  • Home invasion sexual assault: Occurs when a stranger breaks into a victim’s house to undertake the assault.
  • Contact sexual assault: This is common when perpetrators use tactics such as flirting, luring, and coercing victims to situations where the sexual assault will take place.

Child Sexual Abuse

This is a form of a sex offense in which the perpetrator intentionally harms a minor sexually, psychologically, or physically. Child abuse entails engaging in sexual activity with a minor. Abusers usually manipulate and intimidate victims into staying quiet after abusing them. Children lack consent to any form of sexual assault. Thus, child sexual abuse may occur in ways such as;

  • Exhibitionism and exposure of oneself to a minor
  • Obscene phone calls, texts, and digital interactions.
  • Sharing pornographic images and movies of children
  • Sex trafficking
  • Fondling
  • Forcing a minor to engage in masturbation practices
  • Actual intercourse and penetration

Drug-facilitated sexual assault

This is a form of sexual crime that occurs when drugs are used to compromise an individual to consent to sexual activity. Perpetrators may use drugs and substances like alcohol to ease the resistance and inhibition of a target victim. Drug facilitated sexual assault may occur when the perpetrator forces a victim to consume drugs without their knowledge or when the perpetrator takes advantage of a victims’ voluntary use of drugs.  

Common substances used in the drug-facilitated sexual assault may include alcohol, sleeping aids, anxiety medication, tranquilizers, and street drugs like Rohypnol. This form of assault is common in colleges and campuses. Drug-facilitated sexual assault may occur in ways such as;

  • Coercing an individual to ingest drugs beyond their comfort zone
  • Ignoring to aid when someone says they have had too much alcohol
  • Refusing to inform someone of the dosage of a particular drug
  • Initial sexual contact with someone because they are intoxicated

Sexual Harassment

This is a form of sex offense that involves threats, intimidation, and manipulation, especially in places of work and learning centers. The perpetrator is bound to gain sexually in return for a specific favor from the other party. Within every state, there encompass law enforcement guidelines to counter harassment issues.

Incest offenses

This entails sexual contact between family members. Crimes of incest are common, but individuals fear reporting the cases. Most victims are afraid of what will happen to the abuser if they report, fear being not believed, lack of trust from close family members, and fear the abuser will necessitate the intimidation. To counter sexual threats, seek assistance from sex offense attorneys.


Sex offenses lack consent by one party. Sexual assault is common in both male and female gender groups. Soliciting someone from a street corner through prostitution can be an unwitting situation. Rape as a form of sexual assault may specifically mean actual sexual penetration without consent. Stalking behaviors towards an individual may be rendered to an offense. Guilty sex offenders face serious repercussions.

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