For the Left, Children Are Either Obstacles or Tools

A leaked Supreme Court majority decision was potentially overruled in the wake of Roe V. WadeIn the United States, Leftists have entered panic mode. An array of unconvincing arguments or outright immoral arguments have been used to justify this panic.

This is all based on an inverted and perverse view of the role of children in society. The Left views children born in the womb as utterly disposable. Women may at best choose to save their lives. But if they do not, then there are no other interests that can be taken into consideration. In fact, children are to be treated as potential obstacles: as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week, “access to reproductive health care, including abortion, helped lead to increased labor force participation; it enabled many women to finish school. That increased their earning potential.” This explains why the Left has now embraced the language of “forced birth” to describe laws protecting the unborn: pregnancy is no longer seen as the possible biological outgrowth of sexual activity, but as a dramatic foreign imposition on women. Leftists believe that childlessness is the default. Pregnancy is considered unnatural. The whole Democratic Party apparatus is now against any restriction on abortion after the second trimester.

After children have been born, the Left sees them as being a source for grief and pain to their parents. This also favors abortion. As former President Barack Obama once stated about his daughters, “if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” Babies are life-sucking entities, depriving women of opportunity and freedom. This explains why Leftists now believe that abortion should be widely available unless the government relieves parents from the responsibility of raising and caring for their children.

The Left views children as the centre of its recruitment effort for their preferred politics, even when they are young. The Left should indoctrinate the children with the concepts of historic guilt and racial importance, to transform them into social activists for utopian social change. Children must be misunderstood about biological sex, and their gender nature, to justify the sexual actions of narcissistic adult. The Left was outraged at Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, which only banned the indoctrination of children in sexual orientation or gender theory. As the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sang in 2021, “You think that we’ll corrupt your kids, if our agenda goes unchecked. It’s funny. We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit.” No wonder President Joe Biden told teachers two weeks ago, “They’re all our children… They’re not somebody else’s children, they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

This is all fundamentally offensive. Protecting and protecting children is the primary purpose of adulthood. Bearing children is an opportunity, not a burden. Children should be considered as adults and not autonomous individuals. It means that children should be raised in a way that promotes stability and happiness, even though it may mean a harder life for parents. This all starts with the basic assumption that the Left rejects: That they are not at the center of creation but their children should be.

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