Feminists Shamed for Eating Eggs Because Chickens Are Women, Too

“Eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females.”

Vegan activists are trying to shame California feminists into giving up eggs with a bizarre new billboard.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently put up the sign near Highway 1010 in San Jose. It shows a blonde-haired woman with an egg face alongside the message: “Face it ― You can’t claim to be a feminist and still eat eggs.”

In case the connection between eggs and feminism is not immediately clear, the fine print explains: “Eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females.”

Even with the clarification, some locals and social media users ​expressed confusion and skepticism. So, PETA Associate Director Ashley Byrne ​spelled out the group’s radical message for the local ABC News affiliate.

“Anyone who’s upset about the sexual abuse of women should be equally intolerant of the sexual abuse of females of any species,” she said.

According to Byrne, PETA thought the women of San Jose would be receptive to the billboard because their city has the highest median female income in the country.

“We felt this would be a place where there are strong, thoughtful women who would be receptive to this message about not exploiting females of other species,” she said.

This is not the first time PETA has sought to equate veganism with ​humanism. In July, the group released a video in which actress Natalie Portman ​compared the agricultural industry’s treatment of animals to the Nazi’s extermination of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Some vegans claim to be ​moved to action by the logic.

In the #MeToo era, such thinking would seem to be in keeping with the concept of “intersectionality,” a recent addition to progressive dogma that sees all forms of human oppression as connected ― and therefore urges collective action.

But not everyone is ready to crack. Cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker has expressed skepticism that human rights and animal rights are inevitably intertwined. In “The Better Angels of Our Nature,” his 2011 empirical ode to human progress, Pinker ​noted that Hitler and many of his minions were vegetarians and that the Nazis passed some of the strictest-ever laws protecting animals.

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