Prison Guard Convicted of Sex Assault Sentenced to 25 Years After Jurors See His ‘Horse’ Penis

Victim statements about a Brooklyn jail guard’s distinctive penis helped put the convicted sexual offender away.

Eugenio Perez, 49, was formerly employed as a corrections officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center. On Wednesday, a judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison after he was convicted on Monday of sexually abusing female inmates, the New York Post reported.

Jurors were forced to look at pictures of Perez’s phallus, which he nicknamed “horse,” in order to corroborate the women’s stories.

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Federal authorities said the uniqueness of Perez’s penis alerted them to the fact that the women were telling the truth, the Post reported.

“He wasn’t circumcised. It was big, and it was like a hook…It was humongous and it curved,” one victim testified during the trial.

“It was so big. I wanted to throw up,” said one 50-year-old former inmate.

Another described Perez’s penis as having a “really strong smell.”

“I ask for mercy, not just for me but for my family,” a sobbing Perez said in court on Wednesday.

Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, who teared up in court while thanking a woman for her testimony, cited Perez’s words to his victims before sentencing him.

“These women were vulnerable and they were told by Mr. Perez more than one time, don’t report this, and if you do, no one will believe you,” Matsumoto said.

Perez plans to appeal, according to the Post.

Eugenio Perez and #MeToo

The #MeToo movement’s campaign to re-examine existing norms surrounding sexual power imbalances between men and women has sparked pushback from critics, especially with regard to the issue of due process.

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But the claims against Perez, litigated through the justice system and thoroughly corroborated, are likely a case where both sides can find common ground.

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