Liz Warren Nods Along as Supporter Says US Military Supports ‘Genocides’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren nodded along on Monday as a town hall attendee suggested the U.S. military is guilty of sanctioning genocide.

The remarks came during an event in Grinnell, Iowa, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Right now, the United States is bombing at least seven countries. We support genocides in Palestine and in Yemen. The U.S. military is actually the biggest polluter of any organization in the world,” one man attending the event said.

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“United States sanctions on Venezuela caused over 40,000 deaths, and we also have sanctions on many other countries like Iran, North Korea, and you can name many more,” he added.

Then the attendee directly addressed Warren, saying: “I’m wondering, as president, will you stop U.S.-supported murder, whether it’s through sanctions, arms support, or boots on the ground?”

“I like your frame on this,” the 2020 presidential hopeful said in reply.

Warren urged against using “military to solve non-military problems.”

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“If we want to be a great nation, lead the world, then we need to live our values every single day,” the Massachusetts Democrat said.

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