Liz Warren Brags About How Many Selfies She’s Taken

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has taken “over 40,000” selfies, according to a campaign fundraising email Tuesday evening.

The email is all about numbers, and states that the campaign has “a few numbers we pay close attention to.” The first two read that Warren has visited 25 states and has held 122 town halls. The third number the campaign has paid “close attention to” is the number of selfies Warren has taken, which it says is “over 40,000.”

“These numbers are important because we’re committed to putting the people we’re fighting for first,” the email reads.

It then goes on to request a donation, reading that “another number that matters” is Warren’s “mid-quarter fundraising goal.”

Warren has brought taking selfies into her campaign strategy in the past, and has made a line for photos following campaign events standard, USA Today reported. Her campaign calls it the “selfie” line, and she uses the time to talk with prospective voters about their concerns.

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“I have time to do this because I’m not spending hours and days and weeks with big-dollar donors and corporate lobbyists,” Warren said, according to The New York Times. “I’m not running around the coasts trying to scoop up as much money as I can. That leaves a lot more time for selfies.”

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