Liberals Say It’s Trump’s Fault Dem Rep’s Baltimore Home Was Burglarized – Just One Problem

Liberals on Thursday pushed a conspiracy theory alleging that President Donald Trump was to blame for Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore home being burglarized early Saturday morning.

Police are investigating the break in, which took place the same day Trump tweeted that Baltimore was “filthy” and “dangerous” in response to comments from the Maryland Democrat, according to local reports.

Several users on the r/politics subreddit suggested the president’s supporters targeted Cummings because of Trump’s tweets.

Reddit’s r/politics is ostensibly a neutral forum for political news, but conservatives have long alleged the subreddit displays a liberal bias.

“Trump is making the entire Democratic caucus and members of the media less safe. He is a national security risk. & He is governing by lies, fear, and retaliation. We are truly slipping into some scary territories,” said one user in a top-rated comment responding to news of the break in.

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“[Trump’s] cultist base has carried out more terror attacks than isis has since his oath of office they aren’t a threat to just Democrats but any poor person that comes across their sociopath,” another commenter said.

Another remarked: “And yet again we see how inflammatory rhetoric leads to violence.”

byu/Lixard52 from discussion

Even when fellow redditors pointed out that Trump’s tweets came after the burglary took place, some still insisted that Trump or his supporters were somehow to blame.

byu/Lixard52 from discussion

Users on the thread who suggested that a more likely explanation for the break in was Baltimore’s status as a city with one of the highest crime rates in America were extensively “downvoted.”

“A more likely scenario is that the high crime rate in Baltimore lead to his house being robbed and it had zero to do with Trump,” one user, whose comment received negative 22 points, said.

Nor were denizens of Reddit alone in attempting to link the Cummings burglary to the president or taking Trump to task for his rhetoric.

Anti-Trump users on Twitter echoed the sentiments of their Reddit brethren.

“Awfully convenient coming on the heels of Trump’s comments. I got $20 the GOP is on it,” tweeted one such commenter.

Courthouse News reporter Adam Klasfeld pondered whether Trump had “been briefed that Cummings’ house had been burglarized as he continued attacking the congressman?”

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“To be clear, this question is not to suggest any connection between Trump and the burglary,” Klasfeld clarified in a followup tweet. “It’s about continuing to stoke public anger against a congressman who had just been a victim of a crime.”

What ‘The ‘Righteous Mind’ can tell us about the reaction to the Baltimore break-in at the home of Elijah Cummings

In his 2013 book, “The Righteous Mind,” social psychologist and New York University professor Jonathan Haidt drew from 25 years of research into moral psychology to argue that humans are hard-wired to come up with ex post-facto reasons to justify our innate biases. 

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