Editor’s Pick: Twitchy on Libs Mocking This INSANELY Easy Way to Fortify Schools

Twitchy’s Greg Pollowitz posted an item Thursday on the maddening strategy from liberals to denounce and mock conservatives or anyone who suggests hardening schools to better protect them against deranged individuals (like the one in Uvalde, Texas) by employing a single point of entry. 

Simply put, liberals have concluded that the right not only doesn’t care about dead kids, but they oppose doors too.

As Pollowitz noted in his headline, it’s evident that liberals aren’t “familiar with the concept of an ’emergency exit’” or they’re purposefully lying to their lemmings.

The Daily Beast’s Molly Jong-Fast tweeted video of “[S]enator Ted Cruz com[ing] out bravely against doors,” but Pollowitz conceded we should “expect tweets like this” low-IQ from Jong-Fast. However, Washington PostKaren Tumulty, editor and columnist for The Guardian, also demonstrated a dearth of brainpower when she joined in.

In reaction to this, Pollowitz questioned whether “we’re literally at a point where journos don’t understand doors,” adding “[i]t also shows just how ignorant she is about this very important issue of school safety.”

We also noticed a liberal Bulwark writer and strategist, as well as a Democratic strategist. Tim Miller, MSNBC’s Chris HayesPlease see the following: The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel were a few others who chose to go down this road and ignoring the idea that schools can have multiple doors, but ensure there’s only one point of entry for students, staff, and visitors while keeping others doors automatically locked.

Though Robb Elementary School in Uvalde did have that in place, it’s reported that the school neglected to lock them, which allowed the crazed gunman to sneak in through a back door.

To learn more about Pollowitz, click the link below.

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