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Liberals Horrified by Don Jr’s ‘Epic’ AR-15 That Has Hillary Behind Bars on the Magazine

Donald Trump Jr. literally wrote the book on “triggering” liberals, and in an Instagram post Sunday, he proved once again that his expertise is not purely academic.

The president’s son posted a set of photos to the social network showing him touting a Crusader-style semi-automatic AR-15 rifle at a shooting range. As if that were not enough, he pointed out that he had added “a little something extra to my AR and that mag.”

Trump, author of 2019 bestseller “Triggered,” was apparently referring to the fact that the magazine on his firearm featured an image of Hillary Clinton behind bars.

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The gun manufacturer behind the magazine, Spike’s Tactical, quickly showcased the product — called the Hillary for Prison P-Mag — in its own Instagram post.

“[L]ots of questions about it!!!” the post said. “Head over to our website and get yours. They’re going fast.”

A mixed reaction to Don Jr. posing with a Hillary magazine

Trump supporters were impressed with Trump’s weaponry, and particularly the magazine.

“Lol. Awesome build brother,” commented off-road racing champion B.J. Baldwin.

“The best magazine of all time, said Minnesota Twins pitcher Devin Smeltzer.

“The best! #lockherup,” said pro-Trump singer and LGBT activist Ricky Rebel, echoing the famous Trump rally chant for Clinton to be imprisoned.

Over on liberal Twitter, though, science reporter Caroline Orr seemed shocked and appalled.

Journalist Jonathan Katz declared there could no longer be any doubt that the Trumps are “full-on fascists.”

Political pundit Jared Yates Sexton said Donald Trump Jr.’s gun promotes “religious war” and “apocalyptic white identity Christianity.” He said he wanted to have a conversation about “how this country got so screwed up.”

Linguist John Rehling faulted Trump for flaunting the Christianity- and Hillary-themed gun at a time of “heightened tension with an Islamic nation.”

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“These Trump people are trash, and if you don’t see that, you’re trash,” he said.

Trump, an avid game hunter, has previously been scolded by liberals for photos showing him and brother Eric posing next to their kills.

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