Digital Engagement in the Workplace

Digital engagement platforms are the future of hybrid and virtual events as audiences shift to digital communication. Communication in the workplace primarily takes place over email and video conferencing over other types of interaction. Frequent business travelers are increasingly saying they “will never return to the road” as hotel room revenue is expected to drop. In 2022, 40 percent of events are planned to be virtual, and 35 percent of events are planned to be hybrid. Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have continued to grow to match the shifting trends. 

And while constant online interaction and poorly designed digital platforms can create fatigue and frustrations, workers still prefer online events. Employees don’t need to travel—saving time and expenses. Moreover, employees can allocate extra time to other tasks while feeling more connected to company culture and team engagement. To create a more exciting event, businesses can incorporate the benefits of online meetings and trends in technology to reach every audience. 

Companies can gamify their event by testing attendees on the features of a product in a showroom, rewarding attendees for mentions and posts on social media, or creating a list of milestones for attendees to complete. Or, businesses can create the “wow” factor by investing in the metaverse and its immersive experiences.

The power of virtual events

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