Dem Debate Starts to Get Serious – Hecklers Pick That Exact Moment to Interrupt

Hecklers interrupted another debate, this time shouting as 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden said that he has “never counted any professional setback” as “serious.”

A moderator asked candidates about the “quality of resilience,” noting that “every president confronts crisis, defeat and mistakes.” Biden was the first candidate to be asked about the biggest professional setback he has had to face. The moderator asked him to explain how he recovered from it as well as what was learned from the setback.

“I – I never counted any professional setback I have as a serious setback. There’s things that are important, things that are unimportant,” Biden said as protesters interrupted Thursday’s debate.

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“Three million deportations!” protesters shouted as the former vice president tried to answer.

Protesters interrupted Biden during the July 31 debate, shouting the same phrase. This is in reference to former President Barack Obama, who was labeled the “deporter-in-chief” because of the number of illegal immigrants he deported throughout his presidency. Biden was Obama’s Vice President.

Other Democrats were interrupted during the last debates, as well. Protesters interrupted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. They shouted “Fire Pantaleo!” in reference to a former New York Police Department Officer Daniel Pantaleo accused of killing a black man using an illegal chokehold. He was fired from the force after the debate.

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