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Delta-8 THC, CBD, and THC: What You Should Know

Cannabis has come to the forefront of the medical and social communities. The thoughts of the past that this compound was harmful could not be further from the truth. The compounds found in cannabis have shown to have a number of benefits in decreasing symptoms of health conditions. The laws are slowly shifting in regard to marijuana and cannabis in general. Marijuana is now viewed as a harmful substance when used in moderation. The truth is that cannabis is so much less harmful than alcohol which is not even debatable. The following are what you should know about the following compounds that you find in cannabis. 


You should be able to find Delta 8 for sale online from a trusted seller. Delta 8 is present in marijuana and can be considered a less psychoactive substance than that of THC. This is why so many people affectionately refer to it as “weed light”. You will find that you are less paranoid when taking this in an edible form or smokable form. Take the time to do research to figure out which products you should look into that contain Delta 8.


Cannabidiol or CBD is something that made its way into the general public with medical marijuana. The appeal of this compound was that is does not get a person high in the slightest. There is still THC present in CBD but at lower than 0.3 percent which is not enough to have a psychoactive effect. The number of benefits that people have seen from CBD seems to be countless. 

CBD helps the cells within the body maintain homeostasis. When a cell is not in homeostasis, negative things can happen. Anxiety is something that CBD has been shown to decrease on a consistent basis. Through decreasing anxiety, there are some consumers that state that the quality of sleep they receive is much better.

CBD has been shown to decrease inflammation and pain in medical marijuana patients as well as dogs. The ability to live without pain can increase the quality of life of a person that has decided to treat themselves with CBD.


THC is the compound that gets you high in marijuana. The cannabinoid also works in unison with other terpenes and cannabinoids. The misconception of THC is that you cannot benefit from this. For people suffering from a lack of sleep or loss of appetite, THC can be such a useful compound. Medical marijuana for cancer patients is used regularly to manage pain, insomnia, and sudden loss of appetite. Patients are going to be in a better place when at a healthy weight and trying to recover fully. 

The compounds that are present in marijuana can help people in so many ways. Do not discount this as a form of treatment rather than medication that could have adverse effects on an individual. Pharmaceutical companies value profits over the safety of the general public which the opioid epidemic highlighted. Don’t fall prey to addictive pharmaceuticals when there is a natural option available.

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