David Hogg Strolls NYC with Armed Guards

​”Love you too.”

David Hogg, a noted gun control activist and frequent critic of the National Rifle Association, was spotted Wednesday walking through New York City flanked by armed guards. Hogg’s book “#NeverAgain,” co-authored with sister Lauren, was published this month.

Hogg responded on Twitter to Republican politician Sean Di Somma, who snapped the images of ​Hogg.

Some Twitter commenters accused Hogg, who says he supports the Second Amendment, of ​​hypocrisy.

The Parkland student has been a virulent critic of the NRA, ​calling the organization “pathetic fuckers that want to keep killing our children” in March. His calls for reforms to have been ​seen by many conservatives as overly stringent attempts to infringe on their gun rights.

To be fair: ​Hogg has never denied the importance of firearms for personal security. Hogg has never called for gun sales to be made illegal.

For Hogg, hiring a bodyguard is consistent with the idea that firearms should be handled by professionals. Hogg ​said in a February interview with Vox he doesn’t support arming teachers but he supports possibly having more armed school resource officers.

But what about people who can’t afford armed guards and still might need protection? Hogg would probably say he’d be supportive of having them go through gun training and a background check.

Well, in New York City you can’t buy ​guns at all. True. But that’s not Hogg’s fault, nor is it a policy he had advocated. A more apt example of hypocrisy would be a photo of Democrat Gov. Anew Cuomo surrounded by hired goons. (Of course, he doesn’t have any. He’s got his own gang of state troopers following him at all times.)

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