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David Hogg Has Meltdown Over Coronavirus — Says It Reminds Him of ‘Gun Violence Epidemic’

David Hogg warned in a series of emotional tweets over the weekend that President Donald Trump’s handling of a novel coronavirus was putting America’s very future at risk.

Hogg, a 19-year-old Parkland school shooting survivor turned liberal activist, started his Twitter doomsaying on Saturday night. He called on his nearly 1 million followers to force the Trump administration to take “immediate comprehensive action” against the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic,” he said, referring to what he has often decried as insufficient national gun control. “Fuck a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.”

Trump on Friday proclaimed Sunday a “National Day of Prayer” for those effected by the disease.

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What Hogg did not mention was that Trump also took a number of more concrete actions on Friday to address the global pandemic. The president declared a national emergency, freeing up billions of dollars for state and local officials, and announced he would be waiving interest on “all student loans held by federal government agencies” until further notice as a number of colleges across the country have closed their campuses.

As of Monday, more than 3,000 cases of coronavirus infection had been reported in the United States, along with 69 deaths, according to a Johns Hopkins University database.

What David Hogg wants to do about the coronavirus

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat who has herself famously cursed the president, on Monday retweeted Hogg’s profane anti-Trump rant.

In a series of followup tweets on Sunday, Hogg, who is a freshman at Harvard University, repeatedly expressed concern that Trump “does not understand the weight of this situation” and is anyway incapable of dealing with it.

“Crises become disasters when enabled by incompetence,” he said, and then, tagging Trump, “praying won’t fix your incompetence.”

Hogg predicted without evidence that the administration’s allegedly inadequate response to COVID-19 would cost “billions of lives in future generations.” Even now, he claimed, the disease would likely change “forever” the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans and cost millions of them their jobs.

Although Hogg did not specify what kind of policy response he sought from Trump, he suggested it should involve “the same level of seriousness and investment as war.”

At another point, Hogg said the next president “may need to consider implementing a 2nd new deal.”

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The New Deal, which was a response to the Great Depression enacted by President Franklin Roosevelt, was enabled by a unique governing coalition that gave Democrats control of both Congress and the White House for most of four decades. Republicans presently hold a majority in the Senate in addition to the presidency.

More from the haters

Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent, have joined a chorus of liberal politicians and activists in railing against Trump’s leadership amid the spreading coronavirus.

At a debate between the two men on Sunday night, which was held without an audience at CNN’s Washington studio due to health concerns, Sanders said the Democrats needed to “shut this president up.”

“First thing we have got to do, whether or not I’m president, is to shut this president up right now, because he is undermining the doctors and the scientists who are trying to help the American people,” he said. “It is unacceptable for him to be blabbering with un-factual information which is confusing the general public.”

Both Sanders and Biden, a former vice president, assured voters from the stage that they would have done much better.

Trump did not directly respond to Sanders’s critique. But he on Sunday described the debate on Twitter as “VERY boring.”

The president also once again taunted Biden for his role in the Obama administration’s response to the H1N1 outbreak of 2009.

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