Anti-Trump Veteran Melts Down During Ambush on Dan Crenshaw – Screams ‘Read the Mueller Report!’

Two combat veterans berated Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Thursday over his support for President Donald Trump.

In a video shared by Common Defense, an organization made up of veterans and military families opposed to Trump, two members of the group are seen accusing the Texas Republican of being unwilling to stand up to the president.

Newsweek confirmed the identities of the men as U.S. Army veterans Jason Hurd, 40, and Alan Pitts, 36.

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One of the men charged Crenshaw with letting Trump “cozy up to dictators.”

“How are you gonna just let him lock kids in cages?” he said in the clip. “Like c’mon dude!”

Crenshaw replied by telling the veteran he needed to “calm down.”

At one point during the encounter, Crenshaw’s “courage” is questioned.

“You need to get your courage back,” the Common Defense member said, to which Crenshaw replied, “You’re going to talk to me about courage?”

After Crenshaw said the men hadn’t made “one actual point” throughout the entire confrontation, one of the veterans shot back by exhorting the Texas lawmaker to “read the Mueller report!”

The men tried to follow Crenshaw into a members only elevator in the Cannon House Office Building but were denied access by the GOP congressman.

Dan Crenshaw under fire

Pitts told Newsweek  on Thursday that there was “no place” in the veteran community for “someone like Crenshaw.”

“Congressman Dan Crenshaw seems to have a lot of time to go after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter, so we expected him to have a few minutes to talk to some fellow combat vets,” he said.

Crenshaw has sparred frequently with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on social media.

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Earlier this month, he fired back at Ocasio-Cortez after she criticized his handling of firearms and assumed his friends are “likely” domestic abusers.

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