Conflict in Afghanistan By Mohammad Alshereda

In the past 2 decades, the Afghani people have suffered from the Taliban ideology and paid for it with blood and lives. To add insult to injury, ISIS has joined the game too. Attacks of both sides have taken a lot of lives of civilians.

Shot of a Squad of Soldiers Running Forward and Atacking Enemy During Military Operation in the Desert.

As of July, 14th 2020:

More than 1,200 civilians were killed and over 1,700 injured in 880 incidents of violence according to latest figures by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.


Although ISIS, Taliban and the Afghani people are all Muslims, the thirst for power, control and money has poisoned some hearts and stripped them of humanity and mercy.


Those terrorists should always remember that you can never get away with falsehood. Insisting on falsehood can only bring your own demise.

No nation in history has ever developed with war and bloodshed. Only through peace can a nation prosper.


My message to those people is:

“20 years is more than enough war! Stop destroying your own country and killing your own people as it will only pull you back from progress. Live and let live. Live in peace”.

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