Cher Panics After Realizing None of the 2020 Democrats Can Beat Trump: ‘We Need Prayer’

Cher is so concerned about the inevitability of President Donald Trump winning a second term in office that she is urging her followers to turn to prayer.

The iconic singer-actress, and frequent critic of the president, tweeted to her 3.7 million followers over the weekend that she doesn’t think any of the Democrats running in 2020 “Can Beat Trump.”

“WE NEED MAGNETIC,LEADER TO BRING US TOGETHER,WITH IMPECCABLE-BACKGROUND, WHO CAN HIT GROUND RUNNING.we need ?,” Cher tweeted on Saturday, using the “prayer hands” emoji.

In another tweet, Cher asked followers what they’d think of a Bloomberg-Clinton 2020 ticket.

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The Drudge Report on Saturday cited sources claiming Michael Bloomberg is considering having former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Bloomberg’s campaign has downplayed the rumors that the former New York City mayor is considering Clinton as a vice presidential candidate.

Later in the day, Cher was critical of former Vice President Joe Biden’s chances of winning in 2020.

“HES A GOOD, HONEST MAN WHO COULD BE PRES, BUT NOT RUN 4 PRES. He Doesn’t Do Social Media,& He’s Joe Warts & All,” she tweeted.

Cher has been a consistent critic of Trump and has frequently espoused support for liberal causes in the past.

Her comments come just one week after news that Academy Awards ratings had fallen to an all-time low.

The 2020 Oscars were chock full of moments that laid bare Hollywood’s alignment with progressive ideals.

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Conservative Americans in particular have long criticized Hollywood artists for their purported glorification of liberal pieties, which many on the right see as out of touch with mainstream views.

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