Brian Williams Blames Biden Poll Plunge on ‘Really Crappy Reporting’

Brian Williams, serial fantasist believes that he is the one responsible for Joe Biden’s latest poll drop. He shared his Wednesday thoughts with us. 11th HourWilliams suggested in a show that it was “really poor reporting” from the news media. Why was that reporting “crappy?” Williams claims that Biden has not been more favorably covered by the news media. I kid you not.


How much should Biden, then the people around him, be worried about these polling numbers and here`s a free shot.Most of this is due to really bad reporting by the mainstream media that uses false equivalence standard in 1978 and makes it seem as though Donald Trump is not president.

It is not biased enough, because the majority of media continue to try to portray neutrality in their reporting. Brian describes this as “false equality standards”.

His guest, Tim Miller of the Bulwark, appeared a bit embarrassed by Williams assertion of not enough media bias and came a bit closer to the truth of why Biden has tumbled in the polls recently.

Biden’s approval ratings are not in his control. Some of this stuff is in Biden’s hands. The rise of the Delta virus, I believe is one reason we are seeing disapproval numbers increase. Although you could point more to the red state governors than Biden, he is still feeling the majority of the burden. This is what you do when your president.

Also, this Quinnipiac survey might not be the best. Everyone in the Democratic Party, I believe, should stop hyperventilating and take a deep breathe before they get too excited about it. The media feeling that they must give Biden the same treatment as Trump, I believe, is part of your argument.

However, I believe that it would be irresponsible for the administration to assume that all those things are in their control. Some things they have in their hands, they’ve misplaced. They had an infrastructure bill on the line of one yard that they chose not to punch in. This is their intro party fighting. Biden displayed patience. It is possible these bills will not pass.

However, they have to see that this happens. They also seem to have an issue at the border, so they may have to step in. He has a lot of work ahead. Although I feel they have been unfair, there are some issues that need to be addressed.

What neither of them mentioned  along with much of the mainstream media, perhaps hoping that their audiences would forget, was the recent Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.

Wasn’t lying “really awful” the reason Brian Williams is still exiled from MSNBC?

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