Brian Stelter Suddenly Flips on a Dime With COVID Messaging – Opinion

Just as we noted the report that some in the Biden Administration finally may be ready to concede that they can’t make COVID disappear, that we may just have to learn how to live with it, on a dime, suddenly we’re starting to see media flip as well.

Listen now as CNN’s Brian Stelter talks about “living with COVID,” and is suddenly concerned about children, saying how the approach of keeping them out of school may harm them, and that maybe we should suddenly be rethinking how we are dealing with the virus in general.

First, let me note there’s a glaring lie in there: that “we” — including Democrats and liberal media — focused on the elderly. That’s what should have been the focus for everyone because those were the people most at risk. But it wasn’t in some Democratic states. Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis emphasized the need to protect seniors, which included those in nursing homes. The media made mockery of him every step of the way, even though he was focused on protecting seniors. In the meantime, there were orders by Democratic governors in New York and New Jersey to require nursing homes to accept COVID residents to their facilities. CNN didn’t help but elevate Gov. Andrew Cuomo into a pandemic hero, promoting him on his brother’s show, despite the governor’s cover-up of the deaths that were happening there.

The rest of what Stelter is saying is infuriating because it’s largely correct and basically what Republicans have been saying for months, while the media excoriated them for it, claiming they wanted to kill Grandma. The Biden Administration and the media haven’t given a darn about how the restrictions and the sole focus on COVID may have affected and harmed people, especially the children — those who were least at risk, according to the science. It is impossible to quantify the damage that this caused.

CNN is now following the Biden team as they reportedly change the messaging. Hold onto yourself so you don’t get injured by the whiplash these folks are dishing out. I don’t even know how to measure the contempt I feel for these people and how much they have endorsed people being effectively abused for months.

If this is really where the Biden team is going on some level, it’s going to take some effort to prepare the folks on the left that they have so heavily indoctrinated, it’s likely to come as a big shock to some on the left who have gone in hook, line, and sinker for the fear porn.

If they’re finally prepared to jump off the fear porn train, that’s a good thing. You know from internal polls that this is true. But we should never let them forget what they’ve done and the harm that they’ve caused.

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