Big Gay Ice Cream Is the Best: Bloomberg Confounds With New Ad
Big Gay Ice Cream

Dem Candidate Looks Straight Into Camera and Expresses His Love for ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’ in New Ad

2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has confounded Americans with a new ad in which he reveals how much he loves “Big Gay Ice Cream.”

“Where’s my ice cream? Ah, thank you,” Bloomberg said in the ad, which was released Tuesday night on Twitter by his campaign.

“Mmmh, Big Gay Ice Cream is the best!” the billionaire former mayor of New York added.

Big Gay Ice Cream operates three stores in the New York City area.

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The spot, which clocked in at less than ten seconds, didn’t exactly earn glowing remarks from onlookers.

On Twitter, a throng of users from both sides of the aisle chimed in with digs at Bloomberg and his campaign.

“How did anyone think this was a good idea?” The Young Turks host Ana Kasparian tweeted.

“Mike Bloomberg and his staff thought that this video of him making a gross sound while eating Ice Cream and saying “mmmm Big Gay Ice Cream is the best” was a good idea to use in public. That alone should disqualify him. So cringeworthy. These are not serious people,” tweeted conservative filmmaker Robby Starbuck.

Bloomberg’s campaign is known for its willingness to delve into the bizarre in hopes of achieving virality on social media.

Bloomberg released an ad on Wednesday boasting about his support among canines with the hashtag #DogsFurMike.

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Coincidentally, video emerged on Tuesday of Bloomberg awkwardly greeting a dog by attempting to shake its snout.

Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake noted on Tuesday that it’s not the first time Bloomberg has attempted the strange greeting.

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