Biden Gets Confused Trying to Find His Way off the Stage – Opinion

Joe Biden is supposed to be in charge, yet he doesn’t seem to understand what he’s even doing from moment to moment.

On Wednesday he pushed yet another claim that has no basis in reality – “a gallon of gas is down 14 percent today,” he declared.

The national average is up almost 17 cents from the day before, when it was $4.104 and the “highest in history.” So, rather than down, it’s hitting another highest in history number.

Once again, Biden doesn’t even have any idea of the truth.

His team has been trying to sell us all kinds of things that aren’t true – from blaming Vladimir Putin for the rise in gas prices (which have been going up since the election, long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine) to trying to spin inflation numbers that just keep going up and up.

The memo has gone out now to all the Democrats to call the rise in prices “Putin’s price hike” — as though Americans aren’t able to remember beyond the last couple of weeks.

Then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to sell a bunch of malarkey about inflation during her briefing on Wednesday, that numbers were going down “month to month.”

Yet, CNBC’s Rick Santelli completely took apart Psaki with a little reality.

The answer to rising inflation has been to increase spending. They also blame price gouging companies, as they have done with increasing gas prices. Nothing is ever their fault, and they never have an answer for any of the issues–indeed, they’ve made the issues worse. You know that the number that’s going to come in later this week must be awful if – after months of being wrong about their predictions – they’re finally predicting it’s going to come in high.

However, they seem completely lost both metaphorically and literally. We keep saying that Biden’s condition is concerning, but it just keeps getting worse. Here’s Biden Wednesday, seemingly lost trying to find his way off the stage; he doesn’t even know where he’s going.

He looks like he’s looking for help or his handler, but none of the handlers seem to be on the spot, so he’s just left to wallow, confused and looking around. He finds his way down the stairs.

Elder abuse is what this man does, and his handlers do not seem to be concerned about its consequences or the potential danger it presents to both him and the nation. These are the leaders all over the globe seeing and it makes you wonder why there are bad actors such as Putin and Xi everywhere. This is what I see and think: How are we going to get through the next three years of this man? We’ve already seen how bad the first year has been, and it’s concerning that it’s likely to get even worse as he deteriorates.

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