Best Omegle video chat alternative — which app is it?

A mass switch to online dating began to be seen back in the nineties, and with the progress of Internet technology, this trend has only gained momentum. A lot of dating sites, social networks, forums and anonymous video chat services have appeared. Each format has offered both compelling advantages and obvious disadvantages. And yet, they all have their merits and their fans. 

The real boom in online dating came at the beginning of the 2000s as high speed internet became generally available, not just for owners of personal computers or laptops, but also for portable devices: smartphones and tablets. This allowed online dating to rapidly reach a whole new audience. It has become much more convenient to meet and chat, and the number of dating services has increased substantially during this time. 

Omegle’s anonymous video chat service has become one of the “old-timers” among the dating sites on the Internet. It’s this site and its alternatives we want to talk about today in more detail.

Omegle: the site that changed the principles of online dating

Omegle video chat was launched on March 25, 2009. The site became the first chat roulette in history. It connected completely random users and allowed them to have conversations on any topic. This free format very quickly attracted thousands of people round the world until just a month after launch, Omegle had more than 150,000 visitors.

Among the main advantages of the site appreciated by users were: 

  1. High speed of work and connection to new chat partners.
  2. Straightforward minimal interface.
  3. A large number of users online at any time of day.

Omegle, being the very first chat roulette, has become a hugely popular site. Even now, more than ten years later, there are about thirty thousand users online at any time. Of course this activity is largely due to the pandemic and social restrictions, but even before that, Omegle’s audience was extremely active. 

Despite this, it can’t be said that Omegle has no flaws. It does, and for many they will affect their experience significantly. 

  1. Lack of features. This is a really important flaw. While other video chats are trying to constantly expand their list of features and settings, Omegle is far behind in this regard. On the site it is impossible to select the gender and location of chat partners, and there are no themed chat rooms, or other expected features. Yes, you can choose your language and even enter interests, but this does not guarantee successful interactions.
  2. Very mediocre moderation. Of course Omegle has moderators, but they aren’t very proactive, which is why often you’ll encounter problem users, adverts or even outright scammers. 
  3. Outdated interface and lack of mobile apps. We added the minimalism of the site to its advantages earlier, but it still looks outdated. And if you can put up with this, the lack of an Omegle app for smartphones is a major turn-off. Of course, you can use the mobile version of the site, but this is inconvenient, to put it mildly. 

All these and other shortcomings force users to look for alternatives to Omegle that have wider functionality. Fortunately, during the decade and more that the chat roulette format has existed, many such alternatives have appeared.

Omegle alternatives you should try

The first alternatives to Omegle began to appear in 2009 — ChatRoulette, followed by many others. There were sites that simply copied the design and functionality of Omegle, while others offered brand new tools and features. We will look at the Omegle alternatives that are really worthy of attention. 


This is perhaps the closest Omegle copy. The site was launched just six months later and essentially offered the same features. The system simply connects you with random users. There are no flexible search settings, and moderation has remained at an extremely low level for many years. Because of this, the site has lost a significant part of its audience over time. The situation improved slightly in 2020 after it was modernized, but this video chat site is still much less popular than it once was. 


As the name suggests, Dirtyroulette is an adult video chat, primarily for men who are looking for explicit chat with girls. There is a free chat roulette with basic functions, but the premium chat with girls is much more interesting. Just keep in mind that for this, registration and proof of age will be required. For fans of explicit conversation and adult content, Dirtyroulette is a great choice. 


The ideal video chat for men who want to interact exclusively with girls, OmegleAlternative offers a unique gender filter. Each girl must confirm her details when she registers on the site. This is how the admins filter out fakes and bots, and men using OmegleAlternative can be 100% sure that the site will connect them only with real chat partners. All features are free to use during a trial period. Then you can decide for yourself whether you are ready to pay for premium access or not. There’s nothing to lose! 


The first thing that catches your eye when looking at OmeTV is a more modern design than Omegle. It is minimalistic, neat, but at the same time engaging and modern. However, functionality is much more important than looks for OmeTV. You can immediately select your gender and country so that the system can choose the most suitable chat partners for you. Another important plus is auto-translation of text messages, making it much easier and more convenient to communicate with overseas users. The last substantial advantage over Omegle is branded applications for iOS and Android. 

OmeTV has been operating since 2015, has pretty good moderation and an active audience. Overall, this is a good alternative to Omegle, which will offer you more convenience. 


Unlike Omegle, ChatRandom allows you to select your gender in order to offer you suitable companions. In addition you can also enter your interests for an even more tailored search. in the same way as Omegle. However, ChatRandom has a few other very useful features that will interest you. Firstly, these are themed chat rooms, in which several users with shared interests can talk at the same time. This is a real find for those who are still too shy to chat face-to-face, but want to find new friends. There is also a separate chat with girls, but to join it, you have to register on the site and pay for access.


Bazoocam — is a classic Omegle alternative, but with a few twists. Perhaps the main one is live broadcasts to which other users can connect. This feature is quite convenient, but keep in mind that most of the broadcasts are quite explicit. Therefore, this section is exclusively intended for users who are 18+.


Many video chat sites and other dating services are available to the modern Internet user. Most of them don’t even require registration to start chatting with other users. It’s fun, very convenient and a great time saver. 

We advise you not to limit yourself to one video chat, but try at least 2-3 different ones. This is the only way you will be able to appreciate all the available features and tools, and choose the service that suits you best. You can also significantly expand your social circle at the same time, thanks to new friends and pleasant partners in your chat roulette. We’re sure you can find satisfaction in this format.

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