Bernie loses

WATCH: Mom Mocks Devastated Daughter as She Melts Down Over Thought of Bernie Losing

A video purporting to show a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders melting down over the possibility of Sanders losing his bid for the White House was distributed widely on social media this week.

A user by the name of @Lauren.Livia posted the clip to the video-sharing platform TikTok on Saturday.

The TikTok user, whose profile describes her as a “broke” 19-year-old Massachusetts college student, is seen sobbing as her mother mocks her for supporting Sanders.

In overlaid text that flashes across the screen, @Lauren.Livia says her mother recorded her “having a meltdown because I just want Bernie to win.”

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“If he loses, you’re going to be devastated?” the woman says in the video as @Lauren.Livia weeps.

The footage went viral on Twitter, where it’s been viewed nearly 700,000 times and picked up by celebrities such as conservative actor James Woods.

“Awwww. This is heartbreaking. Please, somebody tell her #Bernie needs another house in the south of France. Surely he’ll run in again in 2024. Until then she should buy a kitten,” Woods tweeted in a caption to the video.

Bernie loses big

The results of Tuesday night’s Democratic primary races were disheartening for Sanders and his supporters. Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have won at least four of the six states that went to the polls to decide which candidate the Democrats would put forward to take on Republican President Donald Trump in November.

In addition to Mississippi, Biden was named the winner of Missouri, Idaho and Michigan, the biggest prize of the night. The former vice president received overwhelming support from African-Americans and a strong advantage with suburban and rural white voters, putting him in a commanding position in the race.

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Sanders, 78, scored a victory in North Dakota, while the last state, Washington, remained too close to call on Wednesday morning, according to exit polls by Edison Research.

In a victory speech Tuesday night in Philadelphia, Biden called for party unity and made an appeal to Sanders supporters.

“We share a common goal, and together we are going to defeat Donald Trump,” he said, thanking Sanders and his supporters for their energy and passion.

Sanders, who returned home to Vermont on Tuesday night, did not make a public statement after his losses, a departure from his usual practice on primary nights.

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