Banned From Major Social Networks, Alex Jones Is Now Desperately Posting to Google+

“All the guy wants to do is walk into the middle of a forest and scream his head off.”

Alex Jones has taken to frantically posting on Google+ after being banned from several major social media platforms.​

Info Wars Google+

Jones has posted 15 times to Google+ in the past 24 hours​ according to Gizmodo. Facebook, YouTube and Apple each said Monday that they had ​removed content related to Alex Jones and InfoWars for violations of policy.

One user commented on one of Jones’ Google+ posts that “the left are not complaining about Google+ ‘The Alex Jones Channel.'”

This is probably because of the relatively low reach of the Google+ platform. None of Jones’ posts have more than one hundred “+1’s.”

​The Google+ “+1” feature is ​similar to Facebook’s “Like” button.

Info Wars Google+

“Anyone who has watched Jones’s marathon broadcasts has probably gotten the impression that deep down, all the guy wants to do is walk into the middle of a forest and scream his head off,” Bryan Menegus wrote in a piece for Gizmodo published Tuesday. “What gets him in trouble is anyone hearing a single word he says, and in that sense, Google+ may be ideal rest home for Infowars to live out its twilight years.”

When it comes to mainstream social networks, Google+ is a minnow among whales. ​As of July, the top 15 social media platforms in terms of active users include Facebook (1), YouTube (2), Instagram (6), Twitter (11), and LinkedIn (15), according to business intelligence portal Statista. Facebook currently ​boasts more than 2 billion monthly active users. Estimates of Google+’s active user base vary greatly: from ​4 million on the low end, to ​375 million on the upper extreme.

It’s definitely a niche market: “The Art of Bread (for bread makers and lovers), Board Games (for board game enthusiasts) and Toy Photographers (primarily close-up shots of Lego men and other tiny toys) make up some of the most engaged communities,” ​according to Mashable.

In 2011, a Google engineer accidentally ​publicly posted a harsh critique of Google+ to the social network, intending to share it privately with his colleagues.

​Jones made headlines recently when he countersued the family of a Sandy Hook victim for $100,000 in legal costs. Jones is being sued for defamation for claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, a claim he’s since retracted.

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