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Middle Schoolers ‘Pranked’ Teacher With a Banana – 15 Minutes Later She Was Fighting for Her Life

Three Ohio middle school students were sentenced to probation through a juvenile court after a banana prank gone horribly wrong nearly cost their art teacher her life.

In a video aired this week by local ABC affiliate WSYX, Columbus Police officers are seen entering Starling K-8 School in response to the incident, which took place in November.

“That could be attempted murder,” a Columbus City Schools security officer is heard saying in the footage, before escorting police to the unnamed teacher’s door, where signs reading “Banana Free Zone” were posted.

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According to WSYX, the security officer said the three unnamed seventh-grade students smeared bananas on the door handle to the teacher’s room and threw fruit at the teacher herself, causing her to go into anaphylactic shock within 15 minutes.

“All of the kids know she’s deathly allergic to bananas,” the security officer said. “If it touches her, she will go into anaphylactic shock.”

WSYX examined the police reports for the incident and visited the addresses listed for the offenders, who are all between the ages of 12 and 13.

It is not known when the juvenile court sentenced them to probation.

The banana prank

While each generation finger-wags at the antics of the one that preceded it, Americans might be forgiven for thinking that some of the behavior that passes for harmless “pranking” these days goes beyond the pale.

Earlier this month, a Florida mother was arrested after video of her daughter licking a tongue depressor and putting it back at a Jacksonville medical center went viral.

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The incident was part of a bizarre new trend of videos, popular among teens and millennials, that feature people licking various items.

In 2017, two Maryland parents who ran a popular YouTube channel were convicted of child neglect following widespread backlash over their posting of videos depicting them screaming at their children and subjecting them to controversial “pranks.”

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