Woman Won’t Stop Twerking Even After Getting Arrested for Grinding on Utility Pole

Police responded Monday to reports of obscene activity at an intersection in Toledo, Ohio, and reported finding Asia Hughes “dancing on a utility pole in a provocative manner.”

A video that circulated widely on social media later in the week showed Hughes continuing to “twerk” even after being arrested.

Hughes, 27, also “entered the roadway and began ‘twerking’ causing vehicles to stop or swerve to avoid striking her,” Sgt. Kevin Nabors, the arresting officer, wrote in the arrest report.

“The defendant was wearing thong shorts with her buttocks exposed and causing alarm to onlookers,” Nabors added.

Authorities charged Hughes with disorderly conduct for allegedly “hindering/preventing movement of others.”

Asia Hughes and twerking culture

Twerking is a years-old phenomenon that has fascinated and horrified the broader culture since Miley Cyrus introduced the dance to mainstream America at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

The display led several critics to accuse Cyrus of “cultural appropriation.”

While some view the popularity of twerking as a sign of cultural decline, others say it a valid form of expression, pointing to parallels between twerking and West African dance styles, such as the Mapouka dance from Côte d’Ivoire.

Cover image: Asia Hughes arrested for twerking (Screen grab)

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