Arizona Democrat Party Censures Sinema Over Filibuster Vote – Opinion

The Arizona Democratic Party voted on Wednesday to denounce Sen. Kyrsten Silena (D, Arizona) for her votes with U.S. Senate Republicans (Senator Joe Manchin) and other Democrat Senators. This was in an apparent move to preserve the filibuster rules.

Here’s the full statement from party chair Raquel Teran, which was released “following the Executive Board meeting this morning,” KNXV-TV reports:

You can also read the Democrats’ censure resolution here.

The local ABC affiliate’s report added:

Although the move doesn’t have any real consequences, it is a symbol of condemnation against a woman that brought the party an Arizona Senate chair for the very first time in a generation just three years prior.

Several groups are already collecting money for an eventual primary challenge, even though she’s not on the ballot until 2024.

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