AOC Attacks Brett Kavanaugh but Gets Laid out by Tara Reade – Opinion

Yesterday, Democrats became agitated by oral arguments at the Supreme Court case in which many feel Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

Many Democrats went off the rails with the mad, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D.NY) can keep the absurdity going. According to AOC, Justice Brett Kavanaugh should have recused himself from any consideration of the abortion case because he had been “credibly accused of sexual assault.”

It’s hard to believe how you get someone this confused elected to high office. She was elected in New York City, so perhaps that explains it, but this is next level lack of understanding of anything — from the facts to the law.

Kavanaugh wasn’t “credibly accused of sexual assault” on one count, let alone multiple counts. Christine Blasey Ford did not have any evidence against Justice Kavanaugh and her story was constantly shifting. These accusations could not be confirmed. Indeed, Ford’s friend disputed that such a party as Ford claimed ever occurred and said that Ford-allies pressured her to get her to change her story.

None of that has anything to do with Kavanaugh’s ability to decide the abortion case and if AOC thinks it does, she doesn’t understand the first thing about the concept of recusing from a case. Further, any court decision isn’t legalizing “forced birth” — it would deal with whether or not abortion is a question that should be decided by the legislatures in the states, and whether it was improperly taken out of their hands in the Roe case.

AOC then trips further over the cliff, suggesting that that the Supreme Court justices appointed by President Donald Trump aren’t legitimate because he was elected via a minority. This means that he was elected in accordance with our constitution and received enough votes. She’s attacking the very legitimacy of the Supreme Court as well as the constitutional process by which we elect our presidents. To me, this seems like an attack against democracy.

Many people reacted to her tweets. But I’ll have to give the nod for the best response to Tara Reade.

“Agreed @AOC,” Reade said. “Remember that Biden *still*remains credibly accused of sexual assault (by me) & sexual harassment on multiple accounts (8) w/corroborated details and he was never investigated yet he is POTUS. Thank you for believing all survivors regardless of political affiliation.”

Bravo! Reade’s allegations were far more credible than Ford’s were – – she had contemporaneous witnesses she told about sexual harassment; her mother called into CNN at the time and told them about a problem her daughter was having with a senator. And her divorce documents indicate that she told her husband about sexual harassment in Joe Biden’s office. Yet AOC doesn’t care about credible accusations against Joe Biden.

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