Antifa Members Attempt to Destroy Sign by Kicking It in Circles

A video shared to social media on Monday by New York congressional candidate Joey Salads shows masked activists purported to be members of antifa trying and failing to destroy a sign by kicking it in circles.

Salads, a Republican candidate and supporter of President Donald Trump, is a YouTube prankster known for shocking and controversial social experiment videos, which left-leaning outlet The Daily Beast has characterized as “racist.”

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The clip he tweeted out Monday is taken from a 2017 video in which Salads “went undercover” to “expose the fact that the antifa members are the agitators and the ones who start all the violence.”

Salads’ mockery of the anti-fascist organization comes in the wake of members of its group attacking journalist Andy Ngo at a downtown Portland demonstration this weekend.

Andy Ngo gets assaulted by antifa

Ngo was filming the Saturday rally – which was framed as a counter-protest against right-wing groups – when he was mobbed by masked protestors. A number of the activists punched and kicked him, while others hurled milkshakes, eggs and silly string.

Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan captured the attack, which left Ngo bruised and bloody, on camera.

The incident sparked a furious social media debate, split largely along partisan lines. Prominent liberal-leaning journalists responded to Saturday’s attack by rationalizing the violence and mocking or even condemning Ngo. Some journalists basically said that he deserved what happened to him and described Ngo, whose work has appeared in mainstream outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, as a “far-right activist.”

In addition, false stories claiming Ngo staged the attack began to circulate on social media.

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Meanwhile, many journalists who do not hail from the political left condemned the people who attacked Ngo, as well as their defenders in the press.

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