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In Joe Biden’s America™, the hapless President of the United States jokes with locals in his hometown of Scranton, PA, while also managing to work in a lie — for the fourth time as president — about some old Amtrak pal, while Americans He was left alone.Behind Taliban lines, desperate letters are written to plead with the president for their release. He createdAfghanistan

According to Breitbart, one such letter was released Thursday by Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-CA). It was written by an American citizen, San Diego. He is currently trapped in Afghanistan along with his wife.

The unnamed American explained that he and his wife risked their lives to get through Taliban checkpoints, only to discover that an October 4 flight was canceled “because passengers did not have visas for UAE (United Arab Emirates) — a common Taliban ploy — where the flight was to land.” Another flight left on October 11, noted Breitbart, but the American said they never received a call to go to the airport.

“I am pleading with you again as a fellow proud American and as a husband to help my wife and I get home from Afghanistan,” the American wrote in the October 15 letter to Biden — which won’t come anywhere near the desk of “Joey from Scranton.”

Here’s a partial transcript, per Breitbart.

Third [flight]The flight scheduled for October 13th was cancelled. Details of these flights were provided by our congressman, the Hon. Darrell Issa was the one who flew to Doha from the DOS to meet with us. We understood early on that one issue was my wife’s immigration status — she has been waiting for her green card interview since 2019.

While we understand we’ll need to complete the E-visa process in another country before we are allowed to return home, we have also completed the required E-visa forms as instructed by DOS. The DOS and Congressman Issa cannot understand the reason we weren’t called to fly on Monday.

The information we’re receiving from DOS is not consistent with what is happening. The DOS continues to use WhatsApp as a communication tool with us. This is evident by last week’s blackout. WhatsApp is neither secure nor reliable. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the DOS should be trusted with our lives and safety or whether we need to find other ways to escape.

This is not the kind of position that I want for anyone.

Look, man — “lower your expectations.” Besides, there are “only about 200 Americans” in your shoes.

According to the man, he was grateful for many things. Among those things, their health — which likely meant their LifeGiven their surrender by the government behind enemy lines.

We are thankful for many things. It is an honor to be healthy. [I have been helping female Americans]Without male escorts in Kabul, by retrieving vital medication from pharmacies.

The man also expressed gratitude for the “support of veterans with which I served alongside and NGOs (non-governmental agencies). Those volunteers work 24 hours a day to help ensure our health and safety and that of the other Americans trapped here,” he said.

And then the most heart-wrenching part of the stranded American’s letter.

“But I am an American and I am begging you to get us home. I know you will do the right thing, Sir.”

No, my fellow American, Joe Biden will not “do the right thing.” Biden proved that when he violated one of the most sacred oaths of the United States and its Armed Forces: No Man Left Behind.

Biden didn’t just leave this man and his spouse, he also abandoned NATO allies. He abandoned Afghanis who worked with American forces in-country — many of whom are being hunted down as we speak and are facing horrific deaths at the hands of the most brutal terrorist organization on the face of the planet.

“Shame on this White House for its betrayal of our fellow citizens,” Issa said in a statement.

Throughout these efforts, we have seen the worst of the Biden Administration’s disorganized and ineffective efforts to bring our people home. The correspondence I am releasing today is difficult to read, as it captures what one of our fellow citizens is enduring in the aftermath of this President’s disastrously reckless Afghanistan pullout.

A person should never have to ask their president to return them from dangerous countries. But, it is what the American citizen in question and others might feel obliged to do.

Rep. Issa. No American should have to suffer the Biden presidency intoto. From the Biden Border Crisis™ to the Biden Afghanistan Crisis™ to the Biden Inflation Crisis™ to the Biden Supply Chain Crisis™ to the Biden Biden Crisis™.

Yet that’s exactly where we find ourselves. That said, we pray for this unnamed American and his wife and their safe return — along with untold numbers of other Americans just like them.

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