Alyssa Milano Fears Trump Will Win Again — Calls on Voters to Join Her in ‘SCREAMING’ About It

Alyssa Milano wants everyone to know she’s been “SCREAMING” for election reform, lest President Donald Trump capture the White House again in 2020.

“I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THIS SINCE 2016. AND YOU SHOULD BE SCREAMING TOO,” the liberal activist and Hollywood actress tweeted on Tuesday.

Milano linked to an article in which she’s interviewed by Variety about the threat of election hacking.

“Look, if we don’t have secure elections, we’re done,” Milano told the entertainment outlet. “Because the country is so divided, it is essential that voters can trust the results of the election.”

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“They’ve done it before, there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t do it again,” Milano said of Russian intervention in U.S. elections. “I think election integrity and election security is probably the most important fight right now.”

The “Charmed” star is currently campaigning to defeat Trump in three battleground states, having joined the “2020 Fund” to boost Democratic nominees in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“If we don’t fix this, we’ve got to turn out in numbers that are too big to rig,” Milano told Variety.

While some of Milano’s fellow liberals praised her for tackling the issue, many conservatives on social media suggested she was motivated by her animosity toward the president, whom she’s frequently criticized.

“Well you have been screaming about a lot of things because you are an unhinged lunatic suffering from #TrumpDerangementSyndrome,” tweeted one commenter.

Others took the opportunity to mock Milano, predicting her heartache over Trump occupying the oval office would be extended for another four years come 2020.

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“Don’t you worry my dear , there will be plenty of screaming come 2020 . Sounds of agony from one side, tones of joy from the other. Too bad your side will be whimpering in the fetal position,” said one Twitter user.

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