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Because parents were concerned about the use of Critical Race Theory in their schools, as well as about their transgender policies, we started to hear a lot more about Loudoun County School Public Schools.

However, that wasn’t the only problem brewing with the Loudoun County schools. We reported on the horrendous alleged covering-up of two sexual assaults. A father, who had his daughter raped, tried to come out against Scott Ziegler as the superintendent of school. The father was eventually arrested following a brawl. The issue also raised issues regarding the transgender policy in the school because the incident allegedly involved a boy wearing a skirt going into the girls’ bathroom. Another alleged incident of sexual assault took place at the school. The boy was moved to another school. The parents called for the resignation and Scott Smith, the father described to Laura Ingraham what transpired.

Now, it turns out that the district didn’t report multiple incidents as they were required to according to the law, going back several years. According to Daily Wire, the law mandates that school incidents are reported. It also holds school administrators personally responsible for any violations. Virginia Department of Education now has an investigation into this matter.

After The Daily Wire raised the discrepancy with the Virginia Department of Education, VDOE spokesman Charles Pyle said that “VDOE is reviewing the discipline, crime and violence data submissions of Loudoun County Public Schools and is in communication with LCPS to determine whether the division’s reporting is accurate and whether the division is in compliance with state and federal law.”

The Daily Wire compared the reported statistics to known public incidents. They noted that the incident of Scott Smith’s daughter in May of last school year wasn’t reported. In October 2018, three Tuscorara High football players were accused of sexual assault. Three students were accused of holding down one younger football player, and inserting objects in his locker room. A spokesperson for LCPS said then that “the case will be subject to disciplinary action.” Yet, the annual report for Tuscorara for that year reported zero instances of sexual offenses against students.

Daily Wire asked LCPS to answer these questions. However, they did not reply for 2 days.

It would seem that there is more to the Loudoun school problem than this single incident. The superintendent needs to explain how many other incidents are not being reported according to law.

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