Air taxi in Dubai – Breathtaking Innovation

For many tourists, Dubai is a real transportation giant thanks to its sophisticated bus route system, numerous airports, excellent connections to other cities, and even flying cabs. If you’re there for more than a day, you’ll probably need a cab. Fortunately, technology in Dubai is advanced and you can easily order a cab from your phone. Cabs are air-conditioned, charge a fee, are often reasonably priced, and are one of the safest ways to get around the city. In addition, cab drivers know how to avoid traffic jams during rush hours to save travel time.

Air taxis are a novelty that tourists immediately fall in love with. Germany-based startup Volocopter entered into an agreement with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Agency to participate in a pilot project to create an air taxi service, which was launched in 2017. Each air cab is equipped with a GPS navigator, sensors and detectors so that the taxi avoids obstacles in the form of tall buildings and avoids collisions with other air vehicles. Therefore, it is a perfectly safe mode of transportation! What to say about the breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the city from a new perspective. You can be sure that such a trip will be memorable for a lifetime.

There are two development drivers that are contributing to the fact that innovation is reaching previously unimaginable limits: concern for the environment and the need for increasingly environmentally friendly means of transportation, as well as the autonomy of the devices. Such air cabs can weigh up to 260 pounds and have a range of 30 minutes, which, according to the inventors, is now enough for short trips around town, simplifying daily commutes and helping to reduce pollution, which is now a big deal. Caring for the environment is another advantage of this type of cab.

The process of use is as simple as possible for the passenger: he sits in an air taxi, places his suitcase in a specially appointed place, selects a destination on the main panel, and the drone cab takes him around the city on one of the predetermined routes, taking into account the pre-agreed time and/or distance limits. The model is controlled from a remote control center via 4G networks and is programmed to land in the nearest safe zone in case of in-flight problems. It sounds like something out of a fantasy novel, but it’s real!

If you want an unforgettable experience of using an air taxi, the company is happy to arrange it. Just contact the company representatives and stipulate all the details – Dubai Taxi will do the rest for you. 

Air taxis in Dubai make it possible to significantly speed up everyday transportation, save a lot of time spent driving, reduce pollution and, of course, form the cities of the future that we are used to seeing in Hollywood movies. For now, this type of transportation is considered rather unconventional, but you can be sure that in 10 years it will be as commonplace as ordering an average car.

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