A Look at the Meaning Behind Different Rose Colors

A Look at the Meaning Behind Different Rose Colors

Roses are one of the most common gifts that people receive, and work well for most occasions. Not only do roses come in different shades that are very pretty, but they also have specific meaning as well.


If you want to send flowers in a way that is fun and memorable, multicolored roses can surely match your sentiment. For example, if you are sending roses to a friend, ones that are a mixture of white and pink work really well. However, if you are starting to fall in love with that friend, yellow roses with red on the tip can get that message across.


One of the most graceful and charming of the bunchy, ivory roses are not to be confused with white. Though similar at first glance, these are a great way to send a caring message in an elegant way.


Often equated to youth and innocence, white roses can be a great complement to a bridal bouquet. With them being a symbol of everlasting love and purity, white roses are a great touch for a wedding or new beginning.


Representing modesty and gratitude, peach roses are a great way to give a sincere thank you. You can use these at the close of a business deal or as a way of giving your condolences to a friend.


With its warm and inviting color, yellow roses can express affection, joy and good luck. If you have a friend who is down on their luck or needs encouragement, yellow roses can be a good way to boost their confidence.


Just as its look is very bold, likewise are the emotions that the orange rose tends to evoke. If you want to create an environment that is enthusiastic and energy-filled, a vase of orange roses can do the trick. Just looking at the beautiful fiery color is enough to help recharge your energy.


One of the oldest and most common flowers, red roses are often thought of when it comes to romance and rightfully so. A great way to express deep love, these type of roses can represent commitment, and has a love-language that is universally understood.


Pink, in general, is a color most commonly associated with femininity and sweetness. However, depending on the shade of pink, a rose can have slightly different meanings. For instance, the deeper the shade of pink, the more you could use this type of rose as a way of giving thanks or appreciation. While a lighter shade of pink can represent happiness or grace, and can make for a nice subtle decorative touch or gesture.


If you want to make sure you grab someone’s attention, lavender roses are a stunning sight to behold. Representing a mixture of enchantment as well as mystery, these are a great way to make a bold statement, while remaining alluring.


Quite unique in their appearance, blue roses convey that same message to the receiver. Because these are rarely gifted, you might cause the object of your intentions to feel special. If you want to lock in that second date, blue roses can be a good way to do it.


Green is generally thought of as a symbol of abundance, renewal and health. One of the most pleasing colors to the eye, green roses can bring about creativity as well as balance. Add green roses anywhere you’d like to feel at peace and inspired.


As with most things black, the rose has a sense of mystery to it. While it can be synonymous with mourning, black roses can also symbolize new beginnings.

One of the beautiful things about roses is that they pair well with other flowers. This allows you to customize your gesture, so your message hits the mark every time.

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