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A few days ago, USA Today published a story that dove into the deep conundrum for Texans “getting an abortion while trans”. I have questions –mostly about biology but since the article discusses a demographic that likely could barely fill a Prius, I’ll leave that to the readers’ imagination.

Insider published an article titled: “After the Texas abortion ban, people are preparing for a mail-order abortion future” A subtitle in the article:  “Mail-order abortions are safe and many prefer them”. Yes, the article discusses “pregnant people”. According to the article, birthing individuals have several options. These include mail-order abortions. Two women are seen protesting the Texas capital in this article. One of the sign-holders is holding a “My Body My Choice” sign. One holds a “My Body My Choice” sign and the other that says: “reproductive choice, can I cut off your?” Both sign-holders appear to be unlikely candidates for pregnancy, for a couple of reasons. Therefore, may I presume that, because I’m not a mother, I also have a valid opinion? The abortion advocates say no.

Journalists are used to putting positive spins on abortion. Forbes’ June headline stated: Majority of Americans Support Abortion, Poll Results. Subtext was not listed in the Google header. The subtext is not included in the Google header.StTrimester. And, if the percentage of people support abortion in the second trimester for “any” reason is 15%.

One of the abortionist’s favorite go-to is an appropriately named Dr. Grossman. He stated:

There is more work to do to lift the voices of women who have experienced abortions. [2nd-trimester abortion] medical care is so necessary.”

Grossman’s stated reasons for a second-trimester abortion include being “unable to make arraignments earlier”. Apparently, if a birthing person is busy making TikTok videos and just forgot they were pregnant, that’s a valid reason for a second-trimester abortion.

Ghoulish data is ranked first in the AP Poll with one data point. Eight percent of Americans surveyed thought it should be legal “all cases” to abort in the 3RdTrimester. Also, people may decide that their baby, at age 8 months and three weeks, is inappropriate sex. Although I can’t imagine such internal depravity, it is possible.

While the human sex drive can be powerful, our brains do allow us to reason. College campuses often prefer to have people sign a written consent for sex. Perhaps you can be proactive and not reactive by putting on condoms if there is time. Yes, I understand that condoms don’t always work, but there are plenty of ways one can prevent pregnancy rather than terminating a life.

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