7 Tips For Growing A Translation Agency

Translation services are critical businesses that make it possible for clients to understand and read documents in various languages, and numerous sole traders and freelancers think about starting their own translation companies. However, what do you do next after your agency is open? Keep reading our top tips on how to build the expertise, profits, and clientele of your business. 

  1. Hire and train talented employees 

All translation agencies rely on the expertise of their employees to succeed. Having the best employees can help to grow your company by contributing new ideas and skills, delivering outstanding customer service, and ensuring that you continue to provide high-quality services. In order for your business to get to new levels, you should consider utilizing integrated talent management software that combines various recruitment process aspects, like background checks and training to improve your human resources. Background checks help to ensure that you hire the most reliable and best employees for the job, while training will continuously develop the expertise of your current employees to benefit your business even further. 

  1. The key is high-quality customer service 

Providing good customer service makes it possible for you to establish strong connections with your customers and ensure that your business is viewed as reliable and trustworthy. Customers do business with companies that provide outstanding service since those are the businesses that solve problems quickly and keep data safe. 

To improve your customer service, make sure it is easy to contact your translation agency by prominently displaying your telephone and email information on your website. Also, there are chatbots, webchats, and contact forms that can be installed on your website to allow prospective and existing clients can directly talk to your team whenever they want to.  In addition, be sure to train your employees to maintain positive and polite connections with your customers. It is important for them to listen to the concerns of your customers and do whatever they can to solve their problems. 

  1. Connect with your intended target audience

One of the most critical aspects of business development is being able to increase your target audience since that can also help to increase your customer base and sales. One of the most effective ways to establish a direct connection with your target audience is by communicating with them using social media. That provides you with an informal platform that can be used to talk to clients and answer any questions they have. Also, consider starting a blog. Using content writing can give you an opportunity to break away from your corporate facade to create your brand voice that prospective clients can relate to.  

  1. Make sure your translation services are diversified 

The way that numerous translations grow is through diversifying their services. A couple of the most common ways this is done is to begin offering translations of different kinds of documents or in new languages. For example, if you work on legal documents currently, you may want to consider providing website translation services as well. If you largely work on romance languages, you may want to expand to other European languages like Dutch or Hungarian or professional French translation. That will help to attract new customers for your business, and also allow the services that you provide to stand out against what is offered by your competition.  

  1. Collaborate with competitors 

Working with competitors to help grow your business might seem counter-productive, however, collaboration can provide your agency with a number of different positive effects. Collaboration not only helps to prevent a huge war with the competition but also can help to encourage the growth of your audience through associating with other companies. To do that, you can invite another agency to share marketing campaigns, form strategic partnerships on various products, host an event within your local area, or even consider merging your businesses. 

  1. Consult with a business coach 

If you currently are having a hard time growing your business, you should think about hiring a coach who can provide you with the specific guidance you need for your translation agency. From recruiting experienced translators to managing your finances, they can spot issues that might be preventing the growth of your company and start to remedy those by providing you with professional insight on your industry. 

  1. Reinvest back into your business 

It is critical to get the proper amount of funding if you are wanting to grow your translation agency, particularly if you wanting to expand your premises, increase your marketing efforts, or employ more translators. Many businesses make the decision to reinvest into their companies by attending sector conferences, upgrading their technology, redesigning their websites, or applying for webinars and training courses. However, funding is needed for all of those investments. In order to do this, you should create separate personal and business bank accounts, cut your expenditures, give yourself a set wage from your profits, or apply for grants from various business programs.

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