6 Tips for Choosing a Rug that Matches Your Home’s Aesthetic

6 Tips for Choosing a Rug that Matches Your Home’s Aesthetic

An eye-catching rug can act like a conversation starter and can be the subtle element to add warmth to a room or the puzzle piece that complements your home’s look. The aesthetic of your room can be made or broken depending on your choice of rug. The right rug potentially brings the room together, so it is important to conduct adequate research and make sure whatever you have settled for is nothing short of what your home wants. The following are six tips for choosing the right rug for your home.

1. Pick Up the Rug Material

Modern-day rugs are available in various materials. The most commonly available options are wool, acrylic, polyester, silk, cotton, and nylon.

The wide variety can be intimidating for first-time buyers or anyone with little knowledge of the appropriate materials. Wool is one of the most known natural materials used to manufacture rugs because of its soft feel on the feet and dirt resistance.

2. Consider the Rug Size You Want

When purchasing rugs, it is safe to go for the biggest, as small-sized rugs change the appearance of a room’s proportions. For larger rooms, ensure you go for an 8 by 10 foot rug and a 6 by 10 foot rug for small-sized rooms.

Large foot rugs entirely cover the room to give it a traditional look, while smaller rugs give the room a modern aesthetic and a cleaner one.

3. Determine Your Position in the Decorating Process

Before settling on a specific rug, it is important to note how far you have gone with the decoration and how your new rug will come in to blend things. Your surrounding circumstances and the decoration process greatly affect the final choice of rug.

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Your home’s current style will affect what your rug will look like. Similarly, buying a rug before decorating the room helps you to start from scratch with the decoration and the final look of the house.

4. Decide on a Budget

Consider it an investment if you aim to have a rug in your home that reflects a specific culture or look. Depending on your home’s theme, you might want to settle on a classic Persian rug that will leave a financial gap in your wallet. If you are working on a budget, ensure you do not settle for a less quality rug because it is cheap.

5. Select a Color Scheme

You have full control over the rug color that you want to incorporate into your space, but you also have to ensure decoration items you add to your space will be a hit and not a miss.

If the room is already decorated, evaluate the already-present colors and ensure your new rug will blend in to create a uniform look.

6. Choose a Type of Rug Construction

A material’s weaving pattern is just as important as the rug’s material. Various cultures have developed different weaving styles, such as flatweave, hooked, hand-knotted, machine-made, and hand-tufted. A rug’s way of construction helps to elevate the home’s aesthetic by producing an exquisite result.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a rug because there are many options to choose from. The final rug you decide to have in your room not only sets the room’s tone but also helps to frame it into what you desire. Hence, it is important to give a keen eye before purchase and ensure that what you have is according to your home aesthetics.

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