6 Simple Steps to be Happy

Life can be so unpredictable we’re in a constant state of overwhelm. Work, family obligations and the pressures of everyday life wear us down, preventing us from enjoying every moment.

There’s no magic recipe for happiness, but improving your mood to appreciate the good things in life is easier than you think. Keep reading to find out what you can do to stop feeling overwhelmed, worried, and anxious, and start savouring life:

Treat yourself

When you’re not in the best mood, you can be hard on yourself.

Of course, it’s not about going overboard with your spending or eating habits or neglecting important tasks. Instead, it’s about being kinder to yourself and enojoying the things you love.

It can be an enjoyable meal at your favorite restaurant now and then, a gadget that could make your life easier, tasty mood chews to prepare your mind for a challenging task, or even a short staycation to brighten you up.

Slow down

Nowadays we expect results, fast—immediate replies to messages, tasks that need to be done ASAP, emails labelled URGENT sitting in your inbox, demanding a reply. Of course you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to get everything done right away. Your coworker can probably wait another hour for your reply to that email. The dishes will still be there for when you’re ready to clean up. Instead, sit back, and get your tasks done one by one, slowly, taking your time.

Spend time in nature

Studies prove that spending time outdoors and in nature helps improve your mood and reduce anxiety. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to feel happier. For example, why getting your morning run done on a treadmill when you can do it outside, in a park or near the beach?

Schedule weekend getaways to go hiking, swimming, or camping nearby. A short vacation in nature is not only good for your mood and health, but it’s also easy on your budget.

Be grateful

When you’re feeling down, it may be hard to see the positives in your life, but they do exist. Even when we’re going through rough patches, there are still good things in life we can hold on to, enjoy, and be grateful for. It can be a supportive family, partner, or group of friends, a nice meal, a warm home to come back to after work, and even something as simple as a beautiful sunrise.

Every morning, sit back in silence for a few minutes and think of three things you’re thankful for that day.

Challenge yourself

Run that half marathon. Launch that project you were dreaming of for ages. Ask that special person out. When you do something difficult our scary, you prove yourself you can do more than you thought. If you’re a bit too nervous, a mood chew can help.

Even if things don’t work out, the courage it took to try it is enough of a mood boost to take you to the next challenge with more experience and determination to crush your next goal.


Think you’re too busy to meditate? Then you need it even more. Science thinks meditation is pretty cool, too. It helps improve your mood and concentration and reduces anxiety.

If you’re new to meditation, the best way to start is by only trying it out for a couple of minutes a day. Sit back in silence in a quiet space, focus on your breath letting your thoughts go, and enjoy the peace and relaxation it’ll bring into your life.

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