6 Pieces of Construction Equipment to Know About

6 Pieces of Construction Equipment to Know About

There are different types of construction equipment, and they all have their own uses. While evaluating a particular construction project that your firm has been awarded, you can take time and add to the construction equipment present in your fleet. Some of this equipment only has one purpose, whereas others are multipurpose. For instance, you may be looking for construction equipment to help you move the soil or even lift some materials. In this case, you can choose from a variety of options.

We will list five types of construction equipment that you need to know about and their descriptions. You should learn more about the available options so that you can find the specific equipment that will suit you depending on your business and needs.

1.    Asphalt Pavers

In case you need any construction equipment to use as you lay asphalt on the bridges, roads, and other surfaces, you should use the asphalt pavers. This equipment is normally accompanied by a dump truck that has a roller, and it is filled with asphalt. The asphalt is fed into the paver using the dump truck, which will then distribute everything onto the surface. Although the compaction amount by the paver is small, a roller should be used to ensure the asphalt is put in place accordingly.

2.    Articulated Trucks

The articulated trucks are suitable for navigating the construction sites. The trucks usually have two parts; the trailer and the cab. The can is the tractor unit that usually travels over rough terrain. The trailer, on the other hand, is the compartment that usually carries heavy loads. A pivot usually connects both parts, and the equipment can be steered easily.

3.     Shredders and Cutter

The shredder is used to reduce the size of different materials. There are industrial shredders and they normally come in different sizes and design variations. The main components of the industrial shredder include counter blades, rotor, motor, housing, power system, electrical control system, and the transmission system.

The cutters normally cut the large rocks into smaller pieces, sand, gravel, or rock dust. Using the cutters, it is possible to change the form or reduce the size of different materials. The cutters and shredders are combined together and it is safe to say this construction equipment is multipurpose.

4.    Cold Planers

The cold planers are usually referred t as milling machines. This is the type of construction equipment that is used while removing the asphalt from a particular surface. Inside the machine, a big drum normally rotates, and it will grind the surface; the cutters will then cut the pavement. The loose pavements will then be pushed to the rotating drum’s center while being fed to the conveyer belt attached to the machine. As the milling process takes place, water will be applied to the drum to minimize the heat and dust.

5.    Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe loaders are versatile such that they’re a combination of loaders, tractors, and a backhoe. The primary function of the backhoe is to dig materials that are hard. Also, they can be used to lift heavy loads while putting them in particular places.

The loaders can be used to move different supplies and dust. The main point is that the tractor ensures you can move easily through the rough terrain with minimal struggles. The backhoe loaders can also rotate at a 200 degrees angle. They are suitable for jobs that are either light or medium. You can think of this type of equipment like a tractor with some attachments that ensure it is versatile. Other versatile types of equipment include cutters and shredders.

6.    Compactors

There are different types of compactors in the market currently, and they are mainly used to reduce the size of different types of materials. The type of compactor you will need depends on the type of material being compacted. When dealing with waste, you’ll need a landfill compactor. On the other hand, when dealing with soil, you’ll need a soil compactor. Tandem vibratory rollers come in handy when dealing with fresh asphalt. Finally, there are pneumatic rollers, and they deal with different materials.

Final Thoughts

You have managed to learn about different types of construction materials and their uses. Also, you will realize that some of this equipment is versatile, whereas others are multipurpose.

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