6 Easy Ideas for Getting Your RV Ready for Summertime Camping

6 Easy Ideas for Getting Your RV Ready for Summertime Camping

Summer is around the corner. It is time to start getting your RV ready for the upcoming camping trips you will be taking. What does an RV need? It would be best to prepare your RV for summertime camping to last longer and function more smoothly during these months.

1- Air Out the Unit and Give It a Good Clean

For your RV to last longer and more smoothly during the summer months, you need to air it out and give it a good cleaning. The main reasons why your RV needs to be cleaned are to keep the unit from rusting, eliminate moisture build-up inside the unit, and remove dust build-up inside and outside of the unit.

When you are giving it a good cleaning, focus on below areas that need attention:

1. Cabinets – dust, hair, and spider webs. Clean them out!

2. Gates – wipe them down with a damp cloth.

3. Cleaning Compartment – remove any dirt accumulated over time on shelves or under-bed storage compartments.

2- Maintenance of Your Tires

It would be best to inspect your tires to ensure they are in good condition. Besides that, you need to check your tire pressure and ensure it is in the recommended range for the season. It is not a good idea to drive on old tires or tires with low treads, so ensure you have them checked as it could cause accidents or damage your RV.

3- Water System on Board? Time for a Good Flush

If you have a water system installed onboard, such as an onboard water tank or a water filtration system, it might have accumulated sediment over time. This requires you to flush it out with fresh water.

4- Install New Weatherstripping

It is imperative to inspect the weatherstripping on your RV’s doors, windows, and hatches. An RV’s windows and doors can let in hot air if they are not appropriately sealed. This is where you need your slide-out seal replacement kit. Updating your RV’s weatherstripping will help keep cool air inside and pesky critters outside.

5- Check Your Batteries

Before going camping in the summer, you need to check your batteries on board. If they start showing signs of weakness, have them replaced right away. You can invest in an RV battery monitor system that will alert you when they need changing or charging.

6- Inspect Propane Tanks

If you have propane tanks on board, you need to inspect them and check the seals on both sides. You may need to add more fuel if needed. Like with any other appliance, your RV will be subject to various problems in the long run that you can prevent by doing regular maintenance and inspections.

This article is aimed at helping RVers and campers to get their RV ready for summertime camping. We hope this article enables you to prepare your RV for the camping season to last longer and more smoothly. Have a good camping season ahead!

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