6 Crucial Reasons Why Vaping is Dangerous for Children

6 Crucial Reasons Why Vaping is Dangerous for Children

Since the tobacco industry introduced e-cigarettes, many smokers turned to using this new technology. This technological update led to an increase in nicotine consumption. While many young people see it as a fun activity, it endangers their health significantly. In a prompt to reduce nicotine intake, some people came up with nicotine-free e-liquids to help people continue vaping but break the addiction. However, there is still a significant number of teens who prefer nicotine vaping. Let us discuss ways in which vaping is not good for children so you can then look for ways to limit vaping in children.

1- Brain Development

In a normal human being, the brain develops until you reach the age of 25. Nicotine easily affects learning and memory. This will make your child’s performance worse than it should be. It will be hard for them to grasp things in class, and they will keep forgetting quickly. That is why it is vital to install vape detectors in learning institutions to protect our young ones from this menace.

2- High Addiction Rate

Engaging in healthy activities during this development age is essential to avoid permanently embedding bad habits into your brain. Since brain activity is very high, teens are more likely to suffer addiction than adults. Once one starts vaping at an early age, they will most likely advance to cigarettes later in their adult years. Whether one vapes nicotine-free liquids or not, the teens’ curiosity will lead them to nicotine and cigarettes.

3- Poisoning

E-liquids are poisonous, especially when they fall on your skin or you swallow them. It is therefore vital to keep them away from your kids. If they do not know the safety regulations, they might easily spill the liquid or swallow it. Some of the symptoms of this poisoning are a high heart rate, vomiting, and dizziness. If this happens, you should immediately rush the child to the hospital.

4- Lung Disease

Scientists recently discovered that vaping could cause lung disease, especially if taken in large quantities. Though the research is still ongoing on the long-term and short-term effects of this activity, there is substantial evidence to prove the toxicity of the habit. Some companies also came up with ways to vape other harmful substances like marijuana, which contributes to lung problems.

5- Fatal Accidents

While manufacturers came up with the idea of e-cigarettes to reduce the dangers of cigarette stubs, they did not totally do away with the risks. Defective e-cigarettes can easily cause fires. Since they use electricity for charging, there are also chances of explosions if one is not too careful. This poses a high risk, especially when it is in the hands of a teen or a child.

6- Carcinogens

Nicotine has a high probability of causing cancer, whether to the one vaping or someone inhaling the second-hand smoke. If you have toddlers or older children, they may inhale the smoke and the residues in the environment, making them susceptible to cancer. Since toddlers often touch and put anything in their mouths, keeping the e-cigarettes away from their reach is crucial.

Vaping is dangerous to both adults and children. However, the young ones are more at risk of suffering the dangers of the habit, whether they are the ones vaping or not. It is crucial for parents and school administrations to keep monitoring the young ones to keep them safe.

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