6 Advantages of Using a Mass Mailout for Nonprofit Fundraising

6 Advantages of Using a Mass Mailout for Nonprofit Fundraising

When it comes to launching a fundraising campaigning, you need to utilize the maximum number of marketing channels. These days, some people think that digital outreach is sufficient. While social media and email campaigns are certainly major components of any modern marketing strategy, it’s important not to completely overlook the importance of older outreach strategies. A mass mailout is an age-old method that still brings positive results. With enough resources and tenacity, you can fashion a newsletter or postcard campaign that will attract serious attention and add to your organization’s coffers. Here are the six principal benefits of using a mass mailout for your nonprofit’s next fundraising campaign.

Reach A Wide Audience

It’s easy to assume that, by now, everyone is online. It’s important to remember, however, that there are still readers who prefer physical documents to digital platforms. From older folks who get fed up with technology to younger luddites who just prefer to stay offline, there are plenty of people out there who will never see your online fundraising materials. A mass mailout allows you to reach these people with the same message you’ve been using online.

Less Competition For Attention

It’s amazing how much information can fit on a tiny screen. Any time a person browses the web or checks their email, they’ve got dozens of messages simultaneously asking for their attention. Inevitably, savvy web users have learned to tune out a lot of the extraneous information. This means your email newsletters and Facebook advertisements are often going unread, even when they appear a few inches in front of your target’s eyes. Printed materials that appear in a person’s mailbox don’t have to deal with all this competition.

Easy To Pull Off

Printed mass mailouts are a relatively simple fundraising maneuver. All you’ll have to do is create a template and hire a company to oversee the actual mailing of the documents. A good advertising agency will know exactly how to target the people who are most likely to donate. With their hard work, you should be able to launch a successful mailout campaign in no time.

Supplement Digital Efforts

It’s important to remember that print and digital campaigns don’t have to be completely separate endeavors. Ideally, they should represent two branches of a holistic fundraising strategy. This means mailouts should include calls to action that invite readers to check out your online material. You should aim to develop a print-to-digital thoroughfare, by which eager readers end up online with their credit cards in their hands. You can also use social media and other digital platforms to tell people to look out for your physical newsletters, thereby forming a harmonious cycle between print and online content.

Create A More Personal Connection

When people are scrolling through social media or checking their email, they often do it with their eyes glazed over and a numbness in their head. Printed material, with its physicality and tactile elements, is more likely to really get a person’s attention. The images, graphics, and calls to action on a printed sheet will connect more powerfully with the reader, making it more likely they’ll respond to your request for funds.

Give Your Content Staying Power

When people receive email content, they can delete it with a single click. Alternatively, they’ll simply skip over the title with their eyes. Printed material, on the other hand, tends to bounce around the house for a while before it gets thrown out. This gives it more opportunities to catch a person’s attention.

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