5 Unique Ideas for Honoring Your Loved One at Their Funeral

5 Unique Ideas for Honoring Your Loved One at Their Funeral

Our current way of life is different from other generations. Recently, people have a desire to plan a funeral in a unique and personalized manner. Traditionally, some religious elements are meant to honor the legacy of the person who has passed on. Since times have changed, People currently prefer to ensure there is something special and celebratory. They even have dog funeral in 2021

As you celebrate a life well-lived, you will have enough time to prepare and plan. A traditional funeral can be held in at least one week. The celebration can also take place in any location, regardless of where the person died.

The celebration of life usually takes place since the remains have been buried or cremated. So, we now look into five unique ideas of how you can honor your loved one based on the career path they had chosen.

1.    The Chef

For those whose loved one was a chef or was passionate about cooking, you should ensure the guests are encouraged to make the person’s favorite dishes as a way of celebrating a life well-lived. Another scenario can entail creating a cookbook comprising some of the recipes your loved one was used to. By honoring someone in such a unique manner, you will ensure that your connection with them is well maintained.

2.    The Painter

The idea of painting is somewhat therapeutic. If your loved one was a painter, you can spare some time and paint something to celebrate and remember them. The guests are also supposed to paint something as a way of celebrating a life well-lived. People can bring in some of their past works, and they can showcase their talents as the service progresses.

3.    Time Capsule

A time capsule ensures that you have captured history while also storing items that will be of use to future generations. The guests are advised to carry old photos, and letters addressed to the deceased. Each guest should be accorded some time to place the items they have in the time capsule. Later on, the family will have ample time to revisit some of the memories they had with their loved ones, especially during their anniversary.

4.    Games and Hobbies

Board games usually bring people together for long, and you will get to have fun and laugh with people whose company you enjoy. By taking part in different games, people will enjoy the different atmosphere. Instead of being sad, they will be happy and also share stories about the deceased.

There are different games that you can try out. For instance, if you are playing card games, people can write down something they remember about the deceased on the cards. After the service, the family will also have some memories to take home. As they play some of these games, they will always have their loved ones in mind.

5.    The Sports Fan

Some people extremely enjoy sports. If the deceased was an avid soccer fan, they might have been following up on all the major leagues each week. To celebrate a life well-lived, you can dedicate some time to follow up on the sports. At the funeral, the theme can be sports-based. Please take into account their favorite team too, as you decorate the venue.

If possible, you can also organize a tournament to honor their memory. If they enjoyed golf or soccer, set up a tournament, and the guests can take time to engage in the sport. You can also raise money during the tournament and dedicate the funds to a scholarship.

In this context, we have mainly focused on honoring your loved one in a unique manner depending on their profession and what they were passionate about when they were alive. Feel free to try out each of these ideas as you send off your loved one.

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