5 Top Questions To Ask Your Bail Bond Agent

Deciding on the best bail bond company to seek help from can be hectic in unexpected circumstances. It is through securing a bond that handling your lawsuit becomes easier. The bail bond agent comes in to help, especially when you need a quick cash bail bond for the court to grant your release. There several bail bond companies in the market, but it is vital to seek answers to the following questions before signing any documents.

How Can You Help Understand the Bail Bond Process?

A helpful bail bond agent should reply with a quick “yes.” The best bail bond agents know and understand the industry and provide the right help to clients with little or no knowledge about securing bonds. A helpful agent will educate and guide you before reaching an agreement and signing documents. As much as the priority can be making a sale, the best agent will find it convenient to work with an informed and easy client. The bail bond process becomes smoother when there is an understanding of how both the company and the client benefit.

Are you licensed?

As much as this question is obvious, it is also perhaps the most significant one to ask your bail bond agent. A reputable bail bond company should have registration and licensed to operate and provide such services. Before you seek help, check on the license status. Avoid dealing with a bail bond agent that lacks a license or one who shows reluctance when you ask the question. Remember that securing a bond for your release is a legal process, and you can end up in more problems when you deal with an unregistered and unlicensed bail bond agent.

What will you Charge for your Services?

You should expect and be ready to pay a certain percentage of the total bail amount when you apply to secure a bond. This is necessary as it shows the bail bonds agent your seriousness and acts as collateral when you fail to pay the bond back in full. The collateral can either be cash or part of your personal property. Ensure that you have the right answer to this question and understand the charges before signing any documents. You should note that the percentage for the bail will vary with a company and more reason to seek satisfactory answers to the above question.

Do They Offer Help In your Location?

Different bail bond companies offer help and serve in different locations. The first company you approach should be able to assist in other areas. Ask the bail bondsman if they can offer help in your location before you agree to any terms. The answer you get will help you decide if you should settle or keep looking. It is better to look for a bail bond agent that serves the entire state rather than a single location to save time and avoid stress.

What Happens After Your Release?

After your release, it is an expectation of the court that you will attend all the hearings on specific dates and on time. Your bail bond agent should explain what you will have to do to satisfy the terms of your bail lest you get into more legal problems. There are several consequences of missing your court dates and when you violate the bond terms.  Ask the right questions; seek clarifications and answers on the bail and bond terms before signing any paperwork.

Securing a bail bond is the best way to getting your release from jail on time and handle the lawsuit while at home. Depending on the amount the court wants as bail, you can conveniently secure a loan from a bail bond agent and enable your release with ease. It is, however, paramount that you understand the relevance of services the agent provides by seeking answers to the above questions.

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